“When In Dismay”

October 23, 2015 trees 044


” tragedy and violence are too common.  today was no exception.  it grinds down on one’s spirit.  it cannot be made to simply go away.  


October 23, 2015 trees 041~

“however during these dark moments the light of hope can be relit.  find a focus and remember what is good.  remember kind and loving acts of people who will not be forgotten.


October 23, 2015 trees 045


 “turn off the noise and step away from darkness.  

there are many reasons and guides back into the light.  


October 18k, 2015 extraordinary 003


“i hope we all find a focus any one that works and leads however slowly back into the light.  reflect, relight, and help someone.”

John Hric, A Northeast Ohio Garden


October 11, 2015 Parkway 008~

John published these words today, and they resonate very strongly with me.

We also watched another mass shooting unfold this afternoon; and read the pain, fear and confusion on the faces of those caught up in the moment.  These dark images broadcast over and over can take us to a very dark place.

They imprint themselves on our hearts, and we are left  wondering why anyone would plan to create this much pain for others.  What has happened in their mind and heart that they can enter into this drama, feeling justified in initiating the cycle of violence yet again?

But we remember that the point of ‘terrorist acts’ is to perpetuate darkness and fear.  These feelings weaken us, distract us, and make us pull back from engaging in the world.

We can only combat hatred with love; darkness with light; isolation with community. 


October 15, 2015 Gloucester 045


When we witness such things, the antidote is to re-charge our own bright light with beauty, friendship, harmony and hope for more light to penetrate into our world.

Please join in this effort to kindle a light in the darkness. 

Do something to bring a bit more light and love into the world.  Share John’s words through your own blog.  Publish an inspiring and beautiful photograph.  Reach out to a neighbor.  Comfort someone who is afraid or in despair.

Just make a conscious choice to be a bearer of light, knowing the light you radiate reflects farther than you can know; and magnifies the light of others around you.


October 15, 2015 Gloucester 016


“No one lights a lamp in order to hide it behind the door:

the purpose of light is to create more light,

to open people’s eyes,

to reveal the marvels around.”


Paulo Coelho


November 28, 2015 fall color 010~

Photos by Woodland Gnome 2015

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Lifelong teacher and gardener.

2 responses to ““When In Dismay”

  1. farseems

    Thank you dear Elizabeth for these comforting words and images. Yes this is what we need to focus on.

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