Wednesday Vignettes: Flow

October 15, 2015 Gloucester 041


“If you have a good idea, use it

so that you will not only accomplish something,

but so that you can make room for new ones

to flow into you.”


Ming-Dao Deng


October 15, 2015 Gloucester 052~


“Water shapes its course

according to the nature of the ground over which it flows;

the soldier works out his victory

in relation to the foe whom he is facing.”


Sun Tzu


October 15, 2015 Gloucester 039


“The only way to make sense out of change

is to plunge into it, move with it,

and join the dance.”


Alan W. Watts


October 15, 2015 Gloucester 043~

“Flow is the nature of energy;

flow is another name of life.”


Banani Ray


October 15, 2015 Gloucester 053


Photos by Woodland Gnome 2015

All photos were taken at the display gardens of Brent and Becky Heath in Gloucester, Virginia


October 15, 2015 Gloucester 055


Thanks to Anna of Flutter and Hum for hosting Wednesday Vignettes each week.


October 15, 2015 Gloucester 040

About woodlandgnome

Lifelong teacher and gardener.

5 responses to “Wednesday Vignettes: Flow

  1. Nice – those pitcher plants are so cool…

  2. Looks like you had a splendid day for the tour! So what did you buy? 😉

    • Well, 300 Daffodil bulbs to start with, to plant at our community entrance next week. I’m asking all my gardening friends for help planting. We got a grant from the county to buy Daffodils and 2 Crepe Myrtles, purchased yesterday. They are already about 10′ tall and simply gorgeous. They will be planted later this week. Then I bought myself several waterlily Colchicum, some Alllium, Muscari, several new Daffies, a bag of windflowers. I’m just a kid in a toy store when we visit the bulb shop. All the fall bloomers have been on sale for weeks and I have a flat of hardy Cyclamen and a flat of Arum just sprouting now. Sorry I’ve been so scarce, lately, Eliza. I’m going full tilt morning to night with rare moments for checking in with friends’ blogs. It will let up here after tomorrow night. ❤ ❤ ❤

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