WPC: Boundaries

September 30, 2015 Parkway 045


This week’s photo challenge topic is “Boundaries.” 

I’ve been thinking, today,about the many different sorts of boundaries which tailor our lives, and realized that while some of them might be as obvious as a fence, most exist mainly in our mind.  What stands between us and touching this bird, beyond our perception of boundaries?


September 30, 2015 Parkway 039


A lot of what passes for education and ‘home training’ is mostly about teaching us which boundaries to respect and how to comfortably live within them.

How often did you hear, growing up, “We just don’t do that,” or “Nice people just don’t say those things”?


September 30, 2015 Parkway 061


And so as surely as we learn to color within the lines of a coloring book, we learn to live our lives within the agreed upon boundaries of what is polite and proper; and ‘legal’.


October 3, 2015 wet day 040


And of course, many of our mental boundaries are there to keep us safe in some way.    Untold dangers might lurk where we step across the boundaries into new experiences and new ways of living in our world.


October 3, 2015 wet day 041


Just as our education is about learning to stay within certain boundaries, maturation is about learning how our lives change as we move beyond them.

We figure out which boundaries we need to respect and which we can survive when we cross.


October 3, 2015 wet day 020


How have your own boundaries shifted, and enlarged, through the decades of your life?  What once firm  boundaries have we transcended with the creative application of technology?


October 3, 2015 wet day 058


Creative spirits often see boundaries as permeable challenges.  How can we move beyond the seeming limitations of our lives?  What gizmo will allow us to explore places and experiences which once seemed ‘Out of Bounds”?


October 3, 2015 wet day 051


Sometimes boundaries prove temporary.    Just as the high tide line moves up and down the beach with the season and the weather, so, too may our personal boundaries shift.


September 30, 2015 Parkway 068


Sometimes we want to harden the protective boundaries we put around ourselves, to keep others at a distance.

And then there are those magical moments when the boundaries shift, when we find we have made a bridge between our life, and another’s.


October 3, 2015 wet day 068


I like that boundaries begin to fall away with age.

We have less fear, and more confidence to move beyond some of those boundaries which once locked us into a narrow way of being and thinking.


September 30, 2015 Parkway 065


As our fears evaporate, our path widens.  We understand how everything is connected together.  We begin to perceive a wider world where the boundaries blur and fade.


October 3, 2015 wet day 006


Woodland Gnome 2015

For the Daily Post’s

Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries


October 3, 2015 wet day 022


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11 responses to “WPC: Boundaries

  1. Great photos illustrating boundaries and the commentary is quite thought-provoking. We are so shaped by the boundaries imposed by parents, society and ultimately our own minds.

  2. Nice, balance report on the pros and cons of boundaries…very thought provoking.

  3. I’ve heard that bit about creative folk being less limited by boundaries. It was more as applied to lying, but then I guess that’s a boundary as well…. not that I’m saying all creative people lie!
    I think I’d have to respect the no wading, swimming boundary. That water does NOT look inviting.

    • Just the standing water is a mental barrier to me. It was full of little minnows when I walked up. I had hoped to photograph them, but they swam back towards the river when they saw me. Believe it or not, lots of people swim off of this beach, wade, fish, and boat. It is at the entrance to College Creek where the current runs very fast at the tides. I don’t believe that truthfulness is necessarily linked to creativity. It definitely is a boundary, and one I believe we learn to hold ourselves to, or not, early in life; based on the circumstances in which we grow up. Thank you for visiting today, and for your comments ❤ WG

  4. The feeling of connectedness often wins, as much as it may seem annoying for some!

  5. I tried very much to raise my kids without the boundaries of coloring inside the lines. Boundaries can be good as well as not so. I really liked your post. Thank you kindly for sharing. Happy fall. Koko❀

  6. Very nice. I liked your descriptions of the ever changing boundaries.

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