All In the Family, or, September Garden

Butterfly Ginger Lily

Butterfly Ginger Lily with Black Eyed Susans and Blue Mist flowers

Friends and followers might have noticed that my posts have been few and far between recently.

I’ve not been a faithful visitor to friends’ blogs, and it has taken a bit longer than usual to answer comments.  Even my local friends haven’t gotten much love lately!  I intend to soon do better.


September 14, 2015 garden 031~

Lately, there has been a lot on my plate, and most of it good, actually. 

But it hasn’t left much uncommitted time for me in the garden, with the camera, or at the computer.  And it hasn’t left much time for my treasured friends.   All of us who blog for more than a few weeks find ourselves with stretches when our time is committed elsewhere.

But then things slow down, and we find ourselves with enough time to  visit and to construct our usual posts again.


September 14, 2015 garden 032~

And then there is the story of my ‘Mother Board.’ 

A seemingly minor computer problem led us to The Geek Squad early in the summer.  They suggested a new Mother Board to solve the problem….    I ordered the part they specified, and let it sit…



Echinacea with Catmint


I was afraid to take my computer back to them for repair after the major problems I had re-configuring everything last time they worked on it.  It took me a day to realize they hadn’t re-set the correct date and time, and that is why websites wouldn’t load….  The computer was telling websites it was still stuck back in 2008…..





I assume that if you are reading this, you understand the trauma involved.  I use my computer for many hours each day, for many different applications.

Having to recover ALL of the settings, passwords, configurations and files is a tremendous task.  Especially when all of those things were set up bit by bit over the last many years!

I don’t like buying new technology.  Rather, I’d rather keep my comfortable and familiar set up going as long as it fills my needs.





And so when I finally brought a few key projects to a close, I decided it was time to hold my breath and let my trusted brother, who has been building and re-configuring computers since he was about 10, install the new Mother Board.

Let’s just say we have been spending a lot of quality time together these last few days.  As of late Saturday evening, when he finally closed everything back up and left, things looked pretty grim.  My camera couldn’t talk to my hard drive.  The printer was a lost waif.  No sound was uttered by the speakers.  And the USB ports were all dead.


September 14, 2015 garden 022~

But, the internet worked…. slowly.  And so we limped along until everything crashed yesterday while ‘essential updates’ loaded.

But I was away for the day and not here to even push the button to power off.  My partner was left with that grim task.


September 14, 2015 garden 020~

But my beloved brother returned today with his laptop, restoration disks, spare memory chips, tool kit, I Phone and confidence that he wouldn’t leave until my computer was restored.

We tore everything back down to the Mother Board again, reconnected it all; and then began building up again from a new operating system right through all of the little drivers, settings, software downloads and back-ups to get me operational again.

He is simply amazing.  And I learned so much just watching him work.


Hardy Begonia

Hardy Begonia


And that is why my post tonight is about technology and not gardening.

Sure, I’m sharing garden photos with you that I’ve been taking since Saturday.  We couldn’t download them until late this afternoon.

But there has been no ‘Vase’ today, no ‘Sunday Dinner’ posted while I was traveling yesterday.  And truthfully, there hasn’t been much gardening going on these last few days here, either.





But we’ve had cool nights and delicious rain.  Our weather has shifted to feel like the beginning of autumn.

I hope that blogging life will soon come back on schedule, and that I’ll soon be a faithful visitor once again.  At least I was finally able to log back onto WordPress and write a post.

And so for tonight, I’ll hope you enjoy these few photos of our garden after the rain.    All is well in my world, and tomorrow is another day….


September 14, 2015 garden 012~

Woodland Gnome 2015


September 14, 2015 garden 026



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10 responses to “All In the Family, or, September Garden

  1. So frustrating to lose it all! This happened to me in January when I spilled a Coke on my MacBook Air. I finally got another and got it all set up but recently both of my printers stopped responding. So frustrating! I’ve don’t everything I can think of. Want to send your brother over? Glad you are sorted out, at least.

    • Dear Judy, My brother would love the journey to come and fix your printers! What a beautiful place you’ve chosen to settle, among beautiful people. I’ve ruined a keyboard with spilled coffee. Terrible feeling. I guess that is why many save their information to ‘the cloud,’ so it can be retrieved from any device. Of course, there are problems with that, too 😉 This experience has been a life lesson in frequent backups, written notes, and redundancy! Thank you for visiting FG today. Love your photos, especially of the girls gathering flower. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • I wish I could have compensated for their beautiful dark complexions. Either their faces were too dark or the white flowers and sky too light. If I weren’t so afraid to immerse myself in photoshop, I could have fixed it better, but I know I would wade into it and emerge years later shaking my head and wondering what happened!!!

  2. Been there, done that, and have a few t-shirts to prove it since it’s happened multiple times. My youngest son built my last computer, and had this one custom built for me. The last time I had major troubles, lightning struck and went through the cable (internet) connection, killing the motherboard. I don’t know how my miraculous husband did it, but he replaced the motherboard and brought everything back to life again. Perhaps he should be nicknamed Dr. Frankenstein? lol!

    So glad to hear you’re back and got it all working again, and that you are enjoying these cooler days/nights. I was so happy to get rain over the weekend. We’d been without it since August 11. All the plant life has been sighing with relief.

    • Robin, thank you for sharing that. How awful to have lightning fry your board! I’m so glad your Dr. F. was able to fix it all. He is amazing, isn’t he? So many talents!!!! A keeper! The rain has been a wonderful blessing. Our soil had dried out so much here it was blowing around, and the trees were growing crispy. We have so many leaves down already, and so many already changing. It is still very early in the progression of things, and I hope the hydration helps carry us gracefully into Indian summer. When we get together, we must remember to wear our T-shirts! Giant hugs, WG

  3. The computer is the most annoying tool we cannot do without. Lucky you, to have a brother who can go “under the hood”. So many sisters spend their youth torturing their brothers. You must have been the other kind.

    • I love my brother dearly. He was born when I was in high school, so our relationship was quite different. He grew up with much cooler toys than did I. I am thrilled he is a gifted ‘techno-Geek,’ and wonderfully thorough! Hugs to you, WG

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