Above Our Heads

August 7, 2015 ground 008


The roses have grown into a topic of some conflict, believe it or not.  Perhaps because they’re now ten to twelve feet high, reaching ever higher, in the round bed in the middle of our front lawn…

I want to let them grow until each cane bursts into a spray of flowers.  Partner, who likes things neat, has urged me to prune these tall canes.  A rosarian likely would agree with him.

I’ve offered a compromise:  To trim the canes back once each buds, blooms, and drops its petals.  But of course, as the buds open, each tall cane lets gravity slowly guide it back towards the Earth.

Some combination of rain, heat, compost, and love has our garden growing at a prodigious rate this month.


August 7, 2015 ground 006


One of us tends this Moonflower vine, tucking the tendrils back into the trellis, only to find wild growth reaching out towards the house again hours later.  If the leaves are this huge, what will the flowers be?  And this from a rogue seed self-planted during clean up last autumn!

The algorithm behind this growth remains above our heads.  But we trust that those who choreograph it enjoy it at least as much as we  delight in its unfolding.


August 7, 2015 ground 003


Woodland Gnome 2015


July 31, 2015 sunset 008


About woodlandgnome

Lifelong teacher and gardener.

4 responses to “Above Our Heads

  1. You must have really yummy compost! 😉

  2. Is this anything like being “in over our heads”?

  3. My Moon vine is going bonkers too. It latched on to a Clematis that is draping down from our garage roof. Who knows where this will end? No flowers yet, though. I think the few roses I have are enjoying the drought. My Hot Cocoas are much smaller than usual, and MUCH more floriferous! They are covered in buds, and no yellow or black-spotted leaves to speak of. Good to know, I suppose, even though so much else is struggling with the lack of water.

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