WPC: Close-up

July 24, 2015 close ups 023


“This week, discover the hidden details that can only be seen up close.”

The Daily Post


July 24, 2015 close ups 025


How many intriguing sights do we pass each day, blind and unaware of their beauty? 

It takes concentration and time to take in the details.  How often are we rushing and distracted in our daily lives?  Often, we feel rushed and perhaps a little ‘absent minded’ as we juggle the many responsibilities of a normal day.


July 20, 2015 garden 031


This challenge asks us to spare a few moments for mindfullness; to take the time to focus on the details already around us.  While the camera brings the world into focus, we have the opportunity to simply breathe. 

Our attention grows more focused as the field of view contracts.


July 24, 2015 close ups 016


When there is no time to take a break ‘away,’ we can take a break ‘within.’  Without traveling, we find a new landscape, and perhaps discover a new horizon within our own mind.


July 24, 2015 close ups 006


Each time we look ‘close up,’ our vision widens to the worlds within worlds of our everyday life; just as it already is.


July 24, 2015 close ups 012


Photos by Woodland Gnome 2015


July 24, 2015 close ups 018


“He who knows others is wise;

he who knows himself is enlightened.”


Lao Tzu


July 20, 2015 garden 038

About woodlandgnome

Lifelong teacher and gardener.

5 responses to “WPC: Close-up

  1. Lovely details – esp. love the spider webs!

  2. Love these photos – particularly the one of the purple/pink flowers! A wonderful embodiment of summer 🙂

    • Thank you so much 😉 This is such a beautiful time of year, with endless inspiration for photos. The flowers dangling like earrings are Fuchsia, loved by hummingbirds. 😉 Thank you for visiting- WG

  3. The close-up does focus our attention. It also leaves out any surrounding messiness, but I like your high minded reasons better.

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