Which Way?

June 7, 2015  Yorktown 084~

We went a different way today and enjoyed some different views. 


June 7, 2015  Yorktown 066~

The shots I captured from “The Other Side” (of the York River, of course) inspired me to join Cee for her Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge this week.


Our view of The Hermione as we crossed the Coleman Bridge above her.

Our view of The Hermione as we crossed the Coleman Bridge above her.


A lovely French tall ship, The Hermione, anchored in Yorktown Virginia, this weekend.


The Hermione is anchored at the beach in Yorktown.

The Hermione is anchored at the beach in Yorktown.


After crawling through the traffic in Historic Yorktown, we crossed the Coleman Bridge to view the ship and river traffic from Gloucester Point.  We were rewarded with wonderful views of this historic ship and the festival which cropped up in Yorktown today to celebrate its visit.


June 7, 2015  Yorktown 056


This is a reconstruction of the ship which brought General Lafayette to Yorktown in 1780, when he came to meet with General George Washington to pledge France’s support to the colonies in our revolution against the British Crown.


June 7, 2015  Yorktown 062


Huge French and American flags fly from the ships docked in Yorktown today.


~June 7, 2015  Yorktown 076

We knew we had taken the right way today, to enjoy this beautiful day.

We found some new river beaches to enjoy, enjoyed the salt breezes blowing off of the river, and appreciated our chance to view this beautifully reconstructed tall ship.


June 7, 2015  Yorktown 033~

Woodland Gnome 2015




June 7, 2015  Yorktown 022

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15 responses to “Which Way?

  1. Brilliant entry for this week. Love it. 😀

  2. What a beautiful ship! You got some great pictures of it. I forgot the Hermione was coming. I think it’s going to Baltimore as well. I’ll have to check the dates.

    • Baltimore is on its itinerary. The schedule can be found from their site, which is linked in the text. I hope you are able to visit while it is docked in Baltimore. It is well worth the trip 😉

  3. What a neat bit of history you got to see! I love looking at old ships – they were so architecturally beautiful – real blends of function and aesthetics. When I was young, my parents took my brother and I to see the reproduction of Columbus’ 3 ships at Corpus Christie. I remember being stunned by how small they were and how much rope there was. How did sailors move around without getting tangled in it?! Blessing, Sarah

  4. This is a great entry. I really like your first photo. Thanks for playing.

  5. I love seeing the tall ships, they are such an amazing sight. Back in 1976, I was lucky enough to have a front row seat seaside to view the parade of Tall Ships that visited Boston in celebration of the bicentennial. It took all day!

    • They are magical to watch , aren’t they ? What a wonderful memory from the bicentennial 😊I’ve watched the tall ships in Norfolk many years . What a wonderful way to experience history !

      • It is! It really makes history come alive. I love the living museums for that as well. We have Plimoth Plantation and Sturbridge Village here and you have Colonial Williamburg and Yorktown there. Great resources for learning.

        • Yes, and no. I think these museums and historic sites offer a very sanitized, entertainment oriented version of history, Eliza. I personally hate visiting Yorktown, and we never get out of the car there beyond a quick photo op. The energy is still so bad there from so much suffering over the years. Jamestown is the same way. We went to the museum there on a community ‘free’ day and left in well under an hour. Such a skewed view of what was done to the native people. Sorry to be so negative here, but we are both students of history, as I imagine you are, as well… so I’ll go and photograph the trees and butterflies (and tall ships?) and call it a day, thank you 😉

          • Never having been there, I’ll take your word for it. Nothing will ever reflect truly what it was like, only an interpretation of it, I suppose. I imagine life was not a cakewalk by any means. The cruelty for non-conformers is legend.

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