In A Vase On Monday: Dahlias and Friends

June 1, 2015 in a vase 011


Digging up the Dahlia tuber was an afterthought last October.

We only grew one, and I simply scooped it out of the Earth and laid it on top of one of the pots coming into the garage for the winter.  That pot ended up near the back of the group, was only watered occasionally, and the poor Dahlia got no special treatment at all.

So the dirty little tuber  took me by surprise when the pot came out of storage in April.  It took a minute to register that this was a living tuber, and not something to compost, when I saw it.

And just as thoughtlessly, I scratched a hole in a large plastic pot near the butterfly garden with one gloved hand while tucking the Dahlia in with the other.  Done and done.  Moving on…


June 1, 2015 in a vase 014


Except this Dahlia had a thing or two to teach me.  It grew quickly, stocky and covered in buds.  Its first blooms opened on Saturday.  Surprise!

I have never been a Dahlia devotee.  But that may change, now that I see what a powerhouse of flowers come packed in such a tiny little tuber.


June 1, 2015 in a vase 009


The warm colors of our vase this week bear witness to the weather.  Warm is a polite euphemism.

It has been hot and humid now for so many days I’ve stopped counting.  Tropical strikes closer to the truth. I’m out watering again nearly every morning, watching the garden unfold itself into beauty.

The Yarrow has been blooming for a few weeks, and this wonderful Coleus has grown large enough to cut off side branches for the vase.  It comes in a mix, and I’ve no idea of the cultivar.

Our roses continue to open bud after bud.  They badly need some concentrated attention to prune away their finished hips. I keep procrastinating until we find a day overcast and cool; comfortable enough  to do a thorough job of it.


June 1, 2015 in a vase 001


Pineapple mint has returned yet again, and grows near the Dahlia’s pot.  I love its sweet fragrance and gorgeous foliage.  All mints run, but this one remains exceptionally well behaved in its allotted space.

And finally, our variegated ivy has grown this delicate little stem of cream colored leaves.  I cut it for today’s vase with hopes it will root.

The vase today sits on a side table, in front of the beautiful board Michael Laico made for us, and beside our salt lamp.  These hunks of wonderfully colored salt, dug out of mines in the Himalayas, are drilled to accept a tiny bulb to illuminate them.  They are said to have healing properties, and their light is soothing and soft.


June 1, 2015 in a vase 006


There is a salt spa, here in Williamsburg, where you can pay to relax and bask in the glow of salt lamps.  Tons of imported salt line the ‘salt cave’ where your treatments are given.  We’ve not been, although we’ve heard good things from friends.  We enjoy our salt lamps, though, and they cast a nice glow on today’s little vase.

In addition to the salt lamp, we also have an Amethyst spirit cluster.  The vase is hand blown cobalt glass by a local artist.


June 1, 2015 in a vase 006


Please remember to visit Cathy, at Rambling in the Garden, who sponsors “In A Vase On Monday” each week.  I appreciate her tireless inspiration to cut and arrange home grown flowers, and her warm encouragement of other garden bloggers to do the same.  You will find links in her comments to many other participating gardeners.

Each has created something beautiful for us this week.  I hope you will follow as many links as time allows.  Stop and admire the flowers on this first day of June.


June 1, 2015 in a vase 004~


Woodland Gnome 2015




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26 responses to “In A Vase On Monday: Dahlias and Friends

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  2. Lovely warming colours – and dahlias flowering in June. I liked it all, but thought the terracotta coloured achillea at the top was a lovely touch. Do you you know what name your rose has? Not important, since the colour is so perfect, but unfortunately you have me craving it to plant here.

  3. Dahlias, like roses, are often planted all together, creating a “fruit salad” effect that I find unattractive. Strategically planted, in a border, they can be stunning…and they are perfect cut flowers…as you have clearly demonstrated.

    • I’ve never learned to work with Dahlias, Rickii. Thank you for that tip. I don’t care for the ‘fruit salad’ look, either. The plant these flowers came from is in a 24″ pot, placed near similarly hued roses at the edge of our butterfly garden. I’m looking forward to seeing what it does for us this season 😉

  4. I love the story of your Dahlia! Nature is really something. I like the name of your blog, too. Clever and sweet.

  5. Love the orange theme today – very nice with the contrasting vase color. I wish I could grow dahlias, but the slugs chew the blossoms before they even have a chance to unfold…so frustrating! It doesn’t matter how much slug bait I put out, there are millions of them…sigh. They are worse than deer!

    • Oh Eliza, that is such a sad mental image you’ve painted. I’m so sorry for your Dahlias and your garden. Did you have storms today? Looks like a rough weather day for our coast. We had heavy rain, but the rough stuff stayed to our east. We were wondering whether they came over you. Too much news from Massachusetts today…. (All of the cuttings still look great! I have a bag over the potted ones. ) Hope you’re well, WG

  6. How great to have a Dahlia already in the season. I am a big fan of Dahlias as they offer such great late colour for a vase or a flower bed. The only thing I dislike? the strange Dahlia smell!

  7. I know what you mean about dahlias, but blogging has persuaded me to work at it and I have some promising plants this year – a plethora of flowers and I will be converted! Ditto with chrysanths… Your dahlia/ achillea/rose combination is stunning, a brilliant choice of colours and I can almost feel the heat (grey and damp here today). The salt lamp is perfect too and I am so enjoying seeing all your crystals – thanks so much for joining in with such enthusiasm 🙂

    • Thank you, Cathy. And I’m now watching every week to see what crystals you reveal with your vase. It adds an extra dimension of enjoyment. After cutting these, I was browsing Dahlia tubers online. There is such variety available! If I were growing cut flowers for sale, there would be a large collection of Dahlias growing in my garden! I’m looking forward to seeing yours as they come ready for harvest 😉 ❤ WG

  8. oh your monday vase is nice and the peachy color was a delight! also – loved reading this “to register that this was a living tuber…” ahhhh

  9. I can see how different your climate is in spring/summer to ours… Dahlias in June?! And so many other flowers that suggest late summer to me. Very pretty!

    • Thank you, Cathy. Yes, our natural climates are quite different; but our weather here has also been “off” its normal this year. Our temperatures stayed well above normal 25 out of the 31 days in May. So many of our flowers have accelerated their development in response to the heat. There is still plenty to enjoy 😉

  10. What an amazing collection of items all complimenting each other and creating such a warm atmosphere.

  11. What beautiful warm colors in your vase today! That dahlia is amazing! I don’t grow them myself but I enjoy looking at them in others’ gardens. I do love yarrow and mint and both have homes in the yard too. Your yarrow cultivar is beautifully colored. Mine is a pale pink that fades to white – I think it’s called apple blossom. Love those salt crystals too – very soothing. I hope you get some cooler weather soon. Blessings to you, Sarah

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