One Word Photo Challenge: Sun

A stranded Velella velella's sail catches sun instead of wind on the Oregon coast.

A stranded Velella velella’s sail catches sun instead of wind on the Oregon coast.


Our sun powers all life on Earth.


Water garden at the Newport Aquarium

Water garden at the Newport Aquarium


The ancient Egyptians worshiped the sun as the Source of their lives, as did so many other ancient cultures.   It is still a mystery, although astrophysicists reveal more of its secrets each year.


April 30, 2015 Oregon in  April 065~

Burning in its intensity, the sun reveals itself to us in refraction through our misty atmosphere.  Its reflected light illuminates our world by day and night.


Siletz Bay, Oregon

Siletz Bay, Oregon


Broken into living colors, sparkling off of water, dancing in jiggling waves through the watery depths of a pool; we think its light alive.


"D" River Beach

“D” River Beach


Sun, Sol; the source of all energies on Earth.  We find joy and healing in its beauty.


Newport Aquarium

Newport Aquarium


 With Appreciation to Jennifer Nichole Wells

for her One Word Photo Challenge:  Sun


Photos by Woodland Gnome 2015

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Lifelong teacher and gardener.

7 responses to “One Word Photo Challenge: Sun

  1. These are so so beautiful! I love the sun that glimmers on the water. I’d never heard of a velalla before. They’re so intriguing and beautiful.

  2. Glorious sun – truly source of all life here. Hope you are enjoying this wonderful SUN-day!

  3. WG- You captured some lovely moments on the Coast. I can’t recall ever seeing velella’s… will need to keep an eye out. I love when the wet sand turns into a reflective surface like it did in your next to last shot!

    • The beach was absolutely COVERED in Velellas… and it is the first time I’ve ever seen them. Really puzzled me since they look like shells from the top and jellyfish from the bottom. Wish I had been able to see them coming in on the waves- Monterey CA was inundated with them recently as well. Tides were timed well and were extremely low/high this time. Made for easy pickings with the photography 😉

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