In A Vase on May Day

May 1, 2015 flowers 015~

May brings the most wondrous array of fragrant flowers to gardeners everywhere north of the equator on our shimmering blue planet.  Our gardens fill with herbs, Iris, Rhododendrons, Columbine, violets, Clematis blossoms, and of course, roses this month.

I always celebrate the first of May. And so since I was away and unable to post a vase on Monday, I have snipped a few stems to fill the beautiful vase I found on Saturday at the Mossy Creek Pottery near Gleneden Beach, Oregon.


The garden at the Mossy Creek Pottery in Oregon.

The garden at the Mossy Creek Pottery in Oregon.


Melanie, who owns Mossy Creek Pottery, told me that they display work from potters all over Washington and Oregon.  I found a few mugs, and this lovely vase, which arrived in the mail today.


May 1, 2015 flowers 007


Today dawned cool and rainy, and it is raining still.  There has been no warm sunshine, and I’m wearing the same snug cowl-necked sweater I found a week ago in Oregon to wear for the duration of my visit there.  The misty cool weather followed me home.


May 1, 2015 flowers 006~

It was still raining as I headed out to snip flowers for today’s vase.  The brightest clumps in the front garden, aside from the Azaleas, are the lovely Comphrey which will bloom from now until frost.  I thought their clear violet flowers blend beautifully with the glaze on this little vase.

There are also many varieties of Aquilegia, Columbine, blooming now, and I snipped a few stems to bring inside and admire.


May 1, 2015 flowers 010~

When I went in search of a little silvery Artemisia foliage; there, to my delight, were the first of the Lavender blossoms.  This Spanish ‘rabbit’s ear’ lavender has bloomed as early as March after mild winters.  Its buds are just beginning to show color here on May 1, but  I snipped a few for the vase since their texture is still lovely.

A bit of Asparagus fern tucked into the back of the vase helped hold the other stems in place.


May 1, 2015 flowers 013~

You might notice that this little bouquet was re-arranged multiple times from photo to photo.  I’ve shown you the work in progress as new stems were added along the way.

The final photos inside also show you a few of the minerals I picked up on the trip.  There are geodes from the aquarium in Newport, Oregon and a few Apophyllite crystals found at the Crystal Wizard at Gleneden Beach, Oregon.


May 1, 2015 flowers 016~

I appreciate Cathy’s tolerance for tardy posts to her “Vase” meme each week at Rambling in the Garden.  I hope you have already visited her page earlier this week to see what other gardeners have found in their gardens in the last lovely days of April.  I am always delighted with the beautiful arrangements she creates and hope you visit to enjoy them, too.


May 1, 2015 flowers 021~

A week away from the garden leaves me discovering it all again.  Things change so quickly in late spring, and I’m thrilled to find the roses covered in thousands of buds, perennial Geraniums showing their first blossoms, and plump spikes of Iris shooting up everywhere.

I plan to cut some of the Iris and arrange them in another of the pieces which arrived from Mossy Creek today, for a vase this Monday coming.  Perhaps you will decide to join “A Vase On Monday,” with photos of your own flowers this week.

We work  hard to nurture beauty in our gardens, and it a joy to bring a bit inside, in a vase, to share.


May 1, 2015 flowers 020


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21 responses to “In A Vase on May Day

  1. I love your new vase & esp. the columbine – I picked up a new one at the nursery yesterday, a soft pink and yellow. The trees are budding out at last – hail to spring!

    • Hail to spring! I didn’t realize I’d been developing a ‘Columbine collection’ and am delighted with the variety here this spring. I hope you’ll post photos of yours, if you haven’t already. Life will slow down one day soon enough for me to catch up on friends’ blogs 😉

      • I know the feeling. I have trouble cutting back on blogging. So I’m not busy gardening as much as in the past. Mostly focusing on a new area where the trees were cut last fall.
        I’m also trying out a permaculture approach and not raking the garden beds clean – just taking the big sticks, etc. off and will mulch right over the rest. Taking a page from Mother Nature’s book. We’ll see how it goes.
        Today I spent a few hours painting the deck. NOT my favorite pastime and I still have hours more to go – ick. Wish I had a magic wand. 😉

        • Well Eliza, it looks like we are in harmony here once again. Painting our deck is at the top of the ‘to do’ list now that I’m home… A job I am not looking forward to! I’m glad you are experimenting with the ‘permaculture’ approach. It all breaks down, eventually, to enrich the soil (unless your beds have acorns or gumballs, of course.. we know what they will do!) I put in a full day in the garden yesterday, finally moving out Caladiums, tender ferns, and Begonias. I’ve tamed the weeds (for the moment) and been delighted to see a few things leafing out which I had feared lost. I’m so glad you are able to get out and back in touch with all of your garden areas. There will come a day when you are so enchanted with it all you will ignore the computer waiting for you indoors 😉 Giant hugs! WG

          • I hope you are right about the enchantment 🙂 Good luck with the deck! I’m halfway done on ours. My right thumb wants me to take a day off, but that’ll depend on the weather forecast. 😉

            • We’re waiting for the pollen to finish and the trees to stop shedding to begin ours, but we bought the paint today. It is a lovely and outrageous shade of turquoise! I can’t wait to get started now! So much work, though. I hope your thumb is better soon. Rain coming later this week, Eliza- that nasty low pressure off of FL is going to be wicked- perhaps it will blow out to sea before it reaches you. Hope you had a good day in the garden! WG

              • I’m trying to get the deck done before the pine pollen starts! Gave the thumb the day off as promised and expect to go back to it tomorrow.
                Hope the storm isn’t too bad. It seems we go from one extreme weather event to another around the country.
                Your deck is going tropical, eh? 😉 The place for mai tais and pina coladas!

                • Yes, we’re going tropical 😉 I have lots of cobalt blue pots and we thought it would be pretty 😉 Hope your thumb is much better for the day off. I gave my back a rest today and am feeling the benefits 😉

                  • Yes, we have to pace ourselves, LOL. Thank you, my thumb is happy for the rest. I figure it’ll all get done eventually so I try not to worry too much about it. The only thing I did today was laundry and read! I kept wandering outside because it was 80 degrees!
                    Cobalt and turquoise sounds lovely, like a deck in Mikonos! You’ll have to send me a pic when it is finished!

                    • Yes, I’ll send you a photo. We’ll get a new umbrella and rug, too. The painting done a few years ago has already chipped and mildewed. It is no longer lovely, and I am ready to spruce it up again! We are using a special deck paint from Behr this time, and it is supposed to resist mildew and algae growth. My fingers are crossed that it performs as advertised! We’re also catching up on laundry, but I spent a few hours catching up with a friend over coffee this afternoon. All in all a very good day 😉

                    • Sounds like a good day to me!
                      The warm weather these past few days is making everything pop and our world is greening fast. Soon the leaves will close off the yard once again, making our own little paradise seem all the more ours. 🙂

                    • Yes, that is a sweet time in the spring, isn’t it? Ours did that last week while I was away. Now the last shrubs are leafing out, closing off one area of the garden from another. Such change in such a short time! Do you know Jethro Tull’s “Songs From the Wood?” The perfect soundtrack for May 😉

                    • Will have to look that one up!

  2. So pretty. I love your vase.

  3. Nice to see Aquilegias again… I love the foliage at this time of year. (Mine aren’t quite flowering yet). The new vase is lovely!

  4. Really like that dark columbine. So lovely.

  5. Beautiful vase to tuck in with your other reminders of your Oregon time.It is a wonderful counterpoint to the light airiness of the blooms and foliage.

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