What’s Blooming Now?

Magnolia liliiflora on April 12

Magnolia liliiflora on April 12


What is blooming now in your garden? 

Spring comes in its own time to each garden.  It fascinates me that whenever the process finally begins, the unfolding is absolutely beautiful no matter how far north or south you may live; how elevated… or not… your garden.


April 12, 2015 flowers 008


Here in coastal Virginia, we live just a few feet above sea level.  I can drive a few hours west into the foothills of the Blue Ridge  and travel back by several weeks  into an earlier springtime.  When it comes to climate, altitude, and latitude, are everything!


Dogwood on April 12

Dogwood on April 12


It might be interesting to look at what is blooming from day to day.


The lilacs in bud, and beginning to open on April 12

The lilacs in bud, and beginning to open on April 12


These photos were actually taken over the last several days, but everything remains in bloom today.



We’ve had a rainy and warm day here.  We can see a difference in the garden from hour to hour as leaves swell to cover the branches of nearby trees, and as the Azalea buds begin to open and cover our shrubs in color.


Our wild wood violets have opened over the last several days, carpeting the 'lawns' in vivid color.

Our wild wood violets have opened over the last several days, carpeting the ‘lawns’ in vivid color.


I’m sure that tomorrow morning the garden will feel even more vibrantly colorful than today, or yesterday.

It is all part of the magic of spring!


April 12, 2015 flowers 019



Woodland Gnome 2015

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14 responses to “What’s Blooming Now?

  1. My old dogwood has put out a few blooms again this year, WG. It is so old and tired that each year I am overjoyed to see a few blossoms.

  2. ‘Tis magical indeed. And so beautiful. Now I am longing for lilacs. Xx

  3. thanks for sharing the blooms from this week 🙂 – the magnolias are my favs in this post – but spring is in the air for sure 🙂 ❤

    • Yes 😉 The redbud around Richmond were glorious last week- am sure the dogwood, Magnolia, and Azaleas will be in their glory in the next few days. Saw amazing Daphne shrubs in full bloom at the Great Big Greenhouse on Saturday. What an exciting time this is 😉

  4. I love your magnolias. I just wish I had a spot for them.

    • We enjoy them, too- and didn’t plant them. They were just getting started when we moved in and we delighted in their gorgeous flowers. now that they are filling out, we realize they will soon dominate this shrubby border. The nicest is right up a bed I dug for roses… Thank goodness these are fairly open trees, and so far don’t create much shade. There are several magnificent trees in neighbors’ yards-

  5. Beautiful magnolias! I can’t believe your lilacs are about to bloom! 🙂
    Got back late last night…adjusting to the step back in time. Most of the snow is gone (triple yay!) and the crocus are coming up. Hung out on the line my first laundry of the year. Fresh sheets! 🙂

    • Welcome home, Eliza 😉 Hope it was a wonderful time with your sister. And now spring is touching your own garden. I’m sure Wren is greatly relieved to have you home, and your husband is happy to have your company again 😉 May the snow melt completely by the weekend! I’ll watch for photos of your crocus 😉 WG

      • Thanks for the welcome. It is good to be in my own bed. 🙂 The weather has warmed considerably and most of the snow has gone. The crocus are popping up everywhere (they self-sow in the most random places). I raked the beds out back today. I need to hire someone to help me, there is too much to do! 😉

  6. I especially like that last shot, where I can see beyond the dogwood to your woodland setting.

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