In A Vase On Monday

April 13, 2015 spring flowers 007


The vase today reflects what is happening in the garden:  an abundance of fresh, colorful flowers set against the somewhat ragged remainders of last year’s garden.  Winter’s remnants form the backdrop to all of our blooming trees, budding shrubs, vibrant daffodils and Hellebores, and the emerging perennials.


April 13, 2015 spring flowers 009


The Hellebore in today’s vase is a special favorite of mine with its dark and dusty double flowers.  It lives at the very bottom of the garden, in deep shade.  Its abundant blooms don’t show very well where it grows, and so I was happy to cut two stems for today’s vase.


April 13, 2015 spring flowers 003


More white daffodils, larger ones from a different patch, offer the stark contrast found in the changing seasons.

Spent, spore covered fronds of D. ‘Brilliance’ autumn fern, rescued from where they were lying around the crown of emerging fronds, form the backdrop and help support the soaring branches of blooming redbud, Cercis canadensis.

Also supporting today’s arrangement is a bare, lichen covered branch from an Azalea and two branches of lacy Artemisia.  The Artemisia overwintered, and has just begun to send out fresh leaves.


April 13, 2015 spring flowers 010


This post comes late in the day.  I’ve spent the entire day working out in the garden, stopping only when the sun grew low in the sky and my energy was spent.  Many more pots came out of storage in the garage today, and most of the hanging baskets have moved out of the shade and into their permanent locations.


See the little guy who hitchhiked indoors on the flowers?

See the little guy who hitchhiked indoors on the flowers?


I’ve been watching for unfurling fern fronds and photographing them, planting new perennial plugs, cutting back winter damage on the Rosemary, and doing an awful lot of sweeping and raking.


Leaves have just begun to appear on the redbud trees.  This little branch looked so elegant with its tiny leaves, I had to include it.

Leaves have just begun to appear on the redbud trees. This little branch looked so elegant with its tiny  heart shaped leaves, I had to include it.


There was lots of company outside today.  Bumblebees, doves, our cardinals, and our cat were all nearby.  My partner appeared from time to time to offer encouragement, open the doors, and lend a hand.

There is just a lot of heavy lifting involved in opening the season in the garden.  I know you know, and are probably in the midst of your own spring chores.

And what happy work to clear the way for a new season of beauty and wonder.  The first bud has appeared on a Fuchsia we’ve carried into its fourth spring.  Japanese painted fern fronds uncurl from another basket beside the tiny maroon leaves of an awakening Oxalis triangularis.


Trimmings from the Artimesia look so nice against the dusky purple Hellebores.  Do you think they might root in the vase?

Trimmings from the Artemisia look so nice against the dusky purple Hellebores. Do you think they might root in the vase?


I took a short break after lunch to pull together this little arrangement today, and photograph it, before returning to the work at hand.  The vase was an antique when I bought it thirty odd years ago.  It held Begonia cuttings all winter long.  Now they are planted out in pots, and the vase is free again for flowers.


April 13, 2015 spring flowers 018


The first series of photographs, outside, are in front of our Hydrangea border.  We’ve left the grass to grow as it is full of bulbs and wildflowers.  It will likely get its first trim while I’m away next week.

I added an amethyst cluster and a blown glass plate when the vase came inside.  The amethyst matches the Hellebores so nicely.


April 13, 2015 spring flowers 016


Appreciation, as always, to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, who generously sponsors A Vase on Monday.  You’ll find links to many wonderful arrangements of spring flowers in her comments.   I find it fascinating to see what is in bloom in other gardener’s gardens across the country and across the sea.

I hope you will find joy in the beauty of your own garden this week, and perhaps clip a few stems to enjoy inside, with a cool drink and your feet up!


April 13, 2015 spring flowers 005~

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18 responses to “In A Vase On Monday

  1. I missed this on Monday while I was away. I love your purple hellebores and Thalia combination. You’ve inspired me to look for some at the nursery, which will open for the season this Saturday. Have a wonderful trip west – it’ll be nice to see your loved ones again. The garden will be full of surprises when you return.

    • Thank you, Eliza 😉 If you don’t find this particular Hellebore, please check out which has this one, and several other beautiful doubles. These daffodils are similiar to Thalia, but have a touch of creamy pink in the center. I don’t remember their cultivar name…. but would love to plant more 😉 So exciting that your garden center opens this weekend! Surely they’ll have a stellar weekend as everyone gets outside again! Another entire day spent in the garden here. I’m trying to empty plants from the garage and at minimum plant what I’ve already purchased before I fly next week. It is a delight to see perennials leafing out now and breaking through the soil. Now is when I wish I had mapped everything last year…. Winter was so hard on our Lavender, Rosemary, and Sage. Some are coming back, but other’s I’m just pulling and replacing. I just planted a new bed with 9 Lavender, some iris divisions, and white Dianthus. Believe it or not, our favorite nursery has L. ‘Munstead’ in 4 packs this year! 4 for less than $2.00. Have fun shopping on Saturday!!! Is the snow totally melted in your garden now? It should be gorgeous very soon now 😉 Hugs, WG ❤

      • It’s been 60 all week, so there’s just a bit of snow on the north side of the house and hedge. SO happy to see the last of it! Everyone around here is in 7th heaven, as you can imagine. It was one of the toughest winters we’ve had in a long time, we’re all a bit traumatized, lol.
        I raked the front beds today, about 70′, perfect weather for it, cool breeze, not too hot. I think I might look for a sm. dogwood to replace the 4 evergreen trees we cut out front by the road. There are so many roots that it’ll have to be a small rootball to fit into the space without struggling with hacking out a hole.
        You got a great deal on the lavender. I’m shocked at how expensive perennials have become at nurseries. My favorite vendor opens in May, he sets up a cart on weekends. Three 4″ pots for $12 – love it, but the selection is limited. His annuals are fabulous (I wrote a post about him last year).
        I’m amazed you can work all day, I admire your energy. My limit is a couple hours. 🙂 The combo of iris, dianthus and lavender sounds wonderful, can’t wait to see it! Hugs back!

        • Eliza, the dogwood sounds like a nice choice. I have a new seedling about 8″ tall, but that may be smaller than you have in mind 😉 I have some Ceris seedlings to dig out of beds, as well 😉 I make it a practice to buy plants in the smallest pots possible. Takes longer to grow, but is less invasive and less shock. How about ordering whips from the Arbor Day site? Perennial and fern prices are high this year. The catalogs have been outrageous, and most have gone straight to the recycling bin this year. I’m paying about $5 for a quart pot of perennial or fern, sometimes $6 and $4 for a 4″ annual. Can’t get much at that price point! So glad now I saved a lot of our Geraniums- and I’m rooting cuttings from the lanky early spring growth. I hope you find a good selection of the plants you want this spring, Eliza. Slow going here- so much just isn’t yet available. Our friends do have annual 4 pks (remember when they were 6 or 8 packs???) for a little less than $2.00. I’m going to take my dad some nice Coleus and Impatiens this weekend. Our plans to plant all day got hijacked last Sat., so I have high hopes for this one 😉 Have fun in the garden! Hugs, WG

  2. Very dramatic and elegant, making for some dynamite close-up photos.

  3. Reblogged this on Small Spaces and the good life with Roz and Phil Hill and commented:
    Re blogged this post so that my sister can share it with my mum who will soon be 95… An arranger of flowers as ever.

  4. Thankyou for sharing your wonderful garden and this post of flowers is beautiful!🍁🌳🌻🌳🍁

  5. How lovely to be combining fresh blooms with more mature material as this is what our gardens are all about. Your green vase is perfect for showing them off and the first photo really shows how representative they are as they blend into the background. Thank you for taking up and promoting the addition of props – it makes the challenge even more enjoyable and triggers all sorts of different thoughts and conversations. Are you achey after your day in the garden?!

    • Thank you for the kind words, Cathy. I was rather looking at the setting of the first series of photos as props. And quickly realizing that the vase visually disappeared into the grass and shrubs, moved it indoors for more photos 😉 I love props with displays of plants, and tend to finish off pots and baskets with minerals, gravel, polished stones, moss, little carved creatures, etc. It just adds that extra element to bring it to life. Winter will soon be banished for the garden for another season. So much of ‘gardening’ is in no way glamorous and in every way quite messy. But working with the processes of life generally is a bit messy, isn’t it? Achy, stiff, and happy 😉 And rain today, so a bit of a breather 😉 Best wishes, WG

  6. Lovely vase today. I like the pale daffodils with the darker hellebores, and the redbud and fern are great for extra height. Pretty green vase too!

  7. Such a beautiful arrangement! I love all the elements that you’ve pieced together with the different colors and textures! I’ve only learned of hellabores this year and have recently purchased my first plant, carefully placed in my shaded courtyard where I can monitor it closely to make sure the Texas drought and heat don’t become too much for it to handle. Your amethyst matches the arrangement to a T! Lovely.

    • Thank you, Rebecca. What fun to have your first Hellebore to enjoy 😉 They are an amazingly tough plant, even though the flowers look so fragile and beautiful. Even if the foliage disappears over summer, the roots live and new leaves return the following spring. Mulching the roots should help with your Texas heat. I’m so happy that you like the arrangement. We are thoroughly enjoying the daffodils this year, and everything else. Bringing bits and pieces together into an arrangement really gives the opportunity to enjoy them up close and notice their details. Thank you for visiting Forest Garden today 😉 Best wishes, WG

  8. Love this arrangement! The white daffodils are perfect pairings for the hellebores! I love everything in this composition – the flowers, the redbud branches, the ferns… It is all beautiful. Which part of spring is your favorite? Wishing you well this evening. Blessings to you. Sarah

    • Thank you, Sarah. Are your Hellebores in bloom now? I thought you might like this blossom. I love how sweet the air smells in springtime when the trees are blooming. It is nice the first time you realize the wind is soft and comfortable- no edge to make you shiver 😉 It is also fun to find plants growing again where all traces had been swept away- you can almost forget where certain ferns and perennials were growing over the long winter. It is nice to see what has survived and is ready to grow again! Hope your week got off to a good start today. Thank you for visiting and for your very kind comments- Hugs, WG

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