WPC: Blur

April 3, 2015 flowers 017


Do you ever feel as though time speeds past in a blur?  Do you ever need to consult your calendar to remind yourself of the day of the week?


April 3, 2015 flowers 016



Sometimes we get so busy with the business of the day that we’re surprised to find late afternoon already upon us.  Even with our longer, warmer days; time speeds by like the cardinals whizzing around our awakening garden.


April 3, 2015 flowers 011


We’ve had blurs of happy and hungry bumble bees whizzing past us as we’ve worked to clean up in the garden this week.  They flock to whichever flowers are bathed in sunshine.

They especially love these fruit flowers, as you might guess.  Small clouds of nectar loving insects have begun to gather in blurry clouds of activity around each branch as its flowers open.


April 3, 2015 flowers 026


I’ll take you on a short tour of the garden, in a follow up post, if you would like to see what else was blooming today.  But we’ll begin with these trees which have finally relaxed into spring, allowing their tight, hard little buds to open into soft, fragrant flowers filled with life-sustaining nectar.


April 3, 2015 flowers 004


This is a special season for garden photographers.  We love to capture this unfolding beauty, before it passes into a blur of warmer days to follow …

With appreciation to the Daily Post for sponsoring The Weekly Photo Challenge.

This week’s challenge:  Share a photo that is a ‘blur.’  Please follow the link back to enjoy hundreds of wonderful photos of ‘blurs,’ shared this week.


April 3, 2015 flowers 032~

Woodland Gnome 2015

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  4. Oh, so lovely! Nothing like fragrant blossoms to brighten one’s day!

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