Color in the Garden

As spring returns to our gardens, so do we…

Many of us are re-designing and selecting new plants as we prepare for the growing season ahead.

In that spirit, I’ve dusted off a post originally published in summer 2013, added a few new photos, and am offering it again during this first week of April.

I hope you find something you can use.

Woodland Gnome

Forest Garden



Green is the color in the plant kingdom we think of first.  Green grass, green leaves, shrubs, and trees.  We’re told green vegetables are good for us, and encouraged to “think green” when buying a car or handling our trash.  We hope the grass is greener on our own side of the fence.


A patch of hardy Begonia growing with Creeping Jenny, ivy, and ferns.A patch of hardy Begonia growing with Creeping Jenny, ivy, and ferns.


Green is the color of vitality, of growth and goodness. 

It is the color of abundance and self-sufficiency.

Plants can turn sunlight into sugar because of the green chlorophyll living in their cells.  And yet, many of us plan our gardens around the colors of flowers, and tend to ignore the rest of the plant.


HostaHosta and Autumn Brilliance Fern


We think of a forest landscape as green and brown.


July 2 2013 trees 005


But it is so much more.

In elementary…

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Lifelong teacher and gardener.

5 responses to “Color in the Garden

  1. I love seeing green plants! Hostas are poking through the ground all over my property! I can’t wait to set their beautiful multi green leaves. Love your pictures! Have a great day! 🙂

  2. farseems

    Soon enough our gardens and surroundings will, once again, be as green. How wondrous it all is, these changes that envelope us with their grace, beauty and mercy. Thanks for posting this reminder.

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