In A Vase on Monday: Lilies

March 39, 2015 lilies 004


Gorgeous, aren’t they?


March 39, 2015 lilies 009


We have enjoyed the spectacle of these amazing lilies opening ever since friends brought them to us, over the weekend.


March 39, 2015 lilies 005


These lilies would never grow in our garden: deer candy.  Experience has taught us this.  But, oh, how much we are enjoying them!  And since they are already here, and it is raining again….


March 39, 2015 lilies 001


They fill our Monday vase this week.

Our apple blossoms from last week’s vase have opened, and the Redbud twigs have begun to show color.  I cleaned these branches up a bit, re-cut them, and added them in to the lilies.


March 39, 2015 lilies 006


Please enjoy the spectacle of these amazing blossoms- a full week before the Easter Lilies open!

Appreciation, as always, to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden  for hosting this floral challenge each Monday.  Maybe you will even feel moved to join Cathy’s Monday Vase meme with photos of a vase filled with what may be growing in your own garden this week.  When you visit her, you will find links to beautiful floral arrangements from all over the planet in her comments.


The largest egg by potter Denis Orton, the smaller eggs are Lapis Lazuli and marble.

The largest egg by potter Denis Orton, the smaller eggs are Lapis Lazuli and Onyx.

Woodland Gnome 2015



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9 responses to “In A Vase on Monday: Lilies

  1. What gorgeous flowers – perfect for Easter-time. I can almost smell them…

  2. Such a pure white lily and they must smell divine! Oriental lilies are a favorite of mine. Can’t believe it is Easter this weekend. Do you celebrate it? We haven’t since the kids were little. But I do love the Cadbury caramel eggs! 😉

    • Easter was always a ‘big’ holiday in my family, and it often falls on my birthday weekend. I’ve always put out eggs and bunnies, usually make candy eggs, sometimes dye eggs, and enjoy the beauties of spring 😉 Easter is so early this year, Eliza. I hope you have at least a tiny break in the weather to pretend that spring has arrived! ❤

      • Well, Happy Birthday! Hope you have a splendid celebration.
        Sometimes I wish we had more holiday traditions, but I live with a bunch of guys, so there’s not much hope there!
        Sending you a big birthday hug! 🙂

  3. It’s lovely to see apple and other fruit tree blossom appearing in vases – such a seasonal indicator, and this ‘redbud’ that US bloggers have at their disposal is a really useful addition to vases. Both these look lovely with your lilies. Thanks for sharing

  4. Yes, really gorgeous. And even better with the apple blossom I think. 🙂

  5. Nothing can quite compare to the scent of Casa Blanca lilies. Here, they perfume the whole garden in July.

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