Black and White Photo Challenge #5

March 23, 2015 b&w 026


When the Osprey Eagles re-build their nests and lay the next generation of chicks, I finally trust that it is spring.  After months of “empty nest syndrome,” we happily spotted brooding Ospreys in all of the familiar trees along the Colonial Parkway between Williamsburg and Jamestown.


March 23, 2015 b&w 024


Bald Eagles call to one another in the skies above, and birds of all descriptions may be seen perching on rotting bits of wood along the river bank.


March 23, 2015 b&w 029


Ah, the river has come back to life! 

This is the fifth day of the Black and White Photo Challenge which I accepted from Eliza Waters.

So far, I’ve passed it along to Robin, Sarah, Creekrose, and Jane.  You may recall that Jane completed the challenge last month, and you will find links to her posts in  my fourth post.  I hope you are visiting all of these intriguing writers and photographers.  Their black and white photos, poetry and prose are stunning.

Today I am inviting John of A Walk In the Garden to the challenge.  John, a Master Gardener, enjoys the warmer climate of Charlotte, North Carolina.  John and I share a love for our gardens and flowers. We are “dirty hands” gardeners; trying new cultivars, watching for each leaf and flower to come into its prime, and routinely digging in the dirt.

I’m always inspired by his Monday Vases, a collaboration between him and his beloved “arranger.”   Although John is still pondering this invitation, I hope he will decide to play along.


March 23, 2015 b&w 010

There are two bald eagles roosting near their nest in the trees across the creek, to the left of the bridge. When you enlarge this photo, you may be able to see them.


It has been an “eye opening” experience for me to see the familiar in a new way through black and white photography, and I hope that John will enjoy this experience as well.

If you would like to participate in the challenge, and have not been invited by a blogging friend, please accept this invitation from me.

I invite you, now, to explore the world of black and white photography.  Please accept my invitation in your first post with a link back to this page.  I would appreciate it if you would leave a comment with a link, as well, so I will make sure to find your post. 

The rules of the Black and White Photo Challenge are simple:

  1. On 5 consecutive days, create a post using either a past or recent photo in black and white.
  2. Each day invite another blogging friend to join in the fun.

Although this is my last official challenge post, I will continue to use black and white photos on occasion because of the unique perspective they offer.  But now I want to share one more photo, taken this afternoon in color. Although technically color, the effect feels very “black and white.”


March 25, 2015 Acer 009


These guys watched over us all afternoon as we worked out in the front garden.

My partner says that at times a few more showed up, but these buzzards remained  our faithful companions.  I’m not quite sure what they expected…. or hoped for.... but let’s just say that we are fine this evening, and so is the cat!

Woodland Gnome, 2015

Black and White Photo Challenge #1, #2, #3, #4

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22 responses to “Black and White Photo Challenge #5

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  2. I did this challenge a few weeks back, WG, and I was amazed at the results I was getting with black and white photography. I’m now hooked on taking a photo in both black and white and colour. The difference between the same two shots can be startling.

    Glad to hear that you are all OK after being watched so closely by the buzzards. Glad to say that the only bird watching us ,when in the garden, is our faithful friend the Robin. However, he’s camera shy so I’ve not been able to snap him yet.

  3. That was fun, WG. It’s good to see the Ospreys. As for the buzzards, whenever they hang out with me, I remind them that I’m not dead yet. 😉

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  5. I really love the black and white photos. I am not a photographer and personally am not interested in the challenge, but I think the photos are wonderful. I love the birds but also the texture in the black and white photos that you are less likely to see in colored photos.

    • Thank you 😉 I’m so glad you like them. I love the texture shown in the nests in these photos, and the silhouette of the trees. Since the birds are basically black and white already, we lose nothing 😉 Thank you for visiting Forest Garden today 😉 Best wishes, WG

    • Thank you for your follow 😉 By the way- moving is the worst of your list of 10. I’ve experienced nearly all of them, and ended up giving away HUNDREDS of books during my last move… Now, I read my books from a NOOK reader 😉

      • I know, I know. I probably have to convert to a nook. I have read some books on my iPad but I just don’t enjoy them as much as when I read an actual book. When I moved 4 years ago we weeded out so many books but still had boxes and boxes to move. That is not fun.

        • And not cheap 😉 I have book cases in most rooms of the house- where to store more? And yet there are so new many new books to read each year. I’ve used an electronic reader for several years now. I love the hyperlink footnotes! It was a hard transition to decide to make (for me) but there are many advantages to having everything on an e-reader 😉

  6. farseems

    What beautiful black and whites I am getting to see, after seeing them in colour around us all the time!

  7. Your Ospreys have a better design sense than the ones around here, who build their nests on top of telephone poles and such.

  8. Now that was a refreshing challenge! I’ve enjoyed your and everyone else’s posts very much. Like you, I think I’ll try to do a BW every once in a while to keep my hand in the game. I learned to better appreciate the medium through this challenge.

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