In Celebration of Spring

March 21, 2015 moss garden 005


In celebration of spring, here is a tiny garden constructed as a gift for a much loved friend.

Our friends celebrate the ancient festival of Nowruz, which is the first day of spring.  This special festival, in celebration of the new year, which begins at the spring equinox; traces its history to ancient times and the Zoroastrian faith of the ancient Persians.

This special festival brings friends and family together to share wishes for health, wealth, and the fulfillment of wishes in the new year.  There is wonderful food, music, flowers, and abundant laughter.  We were so honored to be invited to join their celebrations this evening!


March 21, 2015 moss garden 003


This little gift of green life and abundance carries our good wishes for the new year to our friends and their family.  There are ferns just poking up through the soil, a sprouting vine of Creeping Jenny, many different mosses, and lichens.

I hope you have celebrated this first day of spring, and that you have found joy in it. 

What a perfect day to count as the beginning of a new year of growth and abundance!


March 21, 2015 moss garden 008

Woodland Gnome 2015

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4 responses to “In Celebration of Spring

  1. What a beautiful creation, E! I’m sure it was well received, a lovely gift. It reminds me of a Josh Simpson planet.

  2. farseems

    Such a perfect present from a wonderful friend. Blessed are those who are surrounded by friends to share the.advent of spring and the new year with, as am I. Thank you for this beautiful work of love and art.

    • You are so welcome 😉 We just adore the beautiful jade Buddha and all of the loving wishes accompanying it 😉 Please tell me its history when we talk, as I can see it has been with you for some time 😉 What a magnificent evening; a total success bringing joy to so many. Will hope to see you again early in the week when we can visit and catch up. And we hope you have an ounce of energy left 😉 Much love, WG

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