WPC: Wall of Bald Cypress Roots

March 12, 2015 watershed 054


Walls are supports as well as barriers.  They add a decorative touch in gardens; a sense of enclosure and privacy.  Walls offer structure to our landscapes as well as to our homes. Walls give us protection from the elements and a sense of  security.


March 12, 2015 watershed 044


This week the Daily Post’s  Weekly Photo Challenge asks photographers to share photos of walls which reveal a sense of place; telling us something important about that place.


The Chickahominy River flows into the James, then on to the Chesapeake Bay.

Knobby roots of the Cypress trees form a wall along the beach, protecting the river’s bank.


Roots of the Bald Cypress trees growing on the bank of the Chickahominy river form a wall, a barrier, along the beach.  Bald Cypress, Taxodium distichum, one of the hardest of hardwoods, is recognized by its rock-hard knobby roots which grow out in all directions from the tree’s trunk.


March 12, 2015 watershed 051


Cypress can be found growing along rivers and in swamps throughout our region.  A deciduous conifer, the Bald Cypress is an ancient tree.  Fossils prove they were growing in this region more than 8 million years ago, and a single tree may live for well over 1000 years.


March 12, 2015 watershed 058


The Cypress roots which line this beach also protect it.  They hold the soil and sand in place to control erosion during flooding and storms.

They form a protective barrier for the beach, a living, breathing wall of roots.


March 12, 2015 watershed 053


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10 responses to “WPC: Wall of Bald Cypress Roots

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  3. Beautiful shots, and wonderful information. The bald cypress is (to me) a fascinating and beautiful tree. I first saw them in the south, but then found out they grow in northeast Ohio (in Zone 5 area). I’d like to plant a few here. I was surprised we don’t have any (given that they grow in the surrounding area).

    • Thank you, Robin. This is a beautiful park on the western edge of the county. Driving over the bridge offers spectacular views. Yes, I would expect you to have Cypress everywhere, as do we. I see them offered from time to time in the catalogs- and of course the Audiobook society offers small ones. So they grow in Ohio? That is a huge range! Thank you for visiting today- best wishes, WG

  4. Great Shot! A lot of life and artistic detail captured. Wow.

  5. I’m enchanted by the idea of having a wall of knobby cypress roots in my garden, but I’m afraid that they take quite a lot of space and our neighbours love their simple iron fence so that we can’t see anything.:)

  6. I find Bald Cypress fascinating with those knobby knees sticking up – it even looks like a species that is 8 million years old. It has lived through eons of drought and flood, adapting to it all.
    Great subject for the challenge, as it provides a protective wall that is an environmentally invaluable.

    • “We speak for the trees…” 😉 Do these grow as far north as Massachusetts? The birds love these guys 😉 Glad I was able to use these photos from yesterday to meet today’s WPC 😉 Best wishes, WG

      • Even though they are hardy to zone 5, I have never seen one around here and associate them with the South. Perhaps the original ones were all cut down by the colonists.
        Have a great weekend!

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