One Word Photo Challenge: Teal

March 4, 2015 heart 001


An annual Impatiens plant lives on through winter in a pot in our living room.  When it bloomed again in February, I cut stems for my In A Vase on Monday post on a  cold and snowy Monday.


March 4, 2015 Impatiens 002


Although the flowers faded, both stems rooted.


March 4, 2015 Impatiens 004


In fact, they have grown huge root systems in just a few weeks.  This is such a beautiful affirmation of spring stirring in the plants!


March 4, 2015 Impatiens 007


Since teal is on my mind this week, I found a beautiful teal pot for the rooted stems, and potted them up with a division of lady fern.


March 4, 2015 Impatiens 008


They can grow on together in the pot until it is warm enough to move them outside into a hanging basket or a larger pot.

Impatiens bloom non-stop all summer long. They love moist fertile soil in partial shade.


March 4, 2015 Impatiens 010~

They will grow to nearly two feet high if planted in good, rich soil.  They are heavy feeders and appreciate good soil and regular feeding.  A single plant will fill a hanging basket.

Impatiens are so easily rooted in water that I often buy a hanging basket of double impatiens when they first appear in the spring, then take lots of cuttings while also cutting that plant back.  The original plant grows back bushier and stronger, with more blooms.  The cuttings can soon be planted out as independent plants to enjoy all summer.  This is a neat trick when you need a lot of the same cultivar of impatiens for a large planting.


March 4, 2015 Impatiens 014


Our over-wintered plant has long, winter stretched stems, as you might expect.  It needs a good trim before growing on this summer.  So I’m helping it along by cutting another stem for the vase.


March 4, 2015 Impatiens 015


At this rate, I can fill the vase indefinitely.  Would you call this re-cycling?  I think it is a beautiful way to get us through this next bout of wintery weather and continue preparations for spring!


March 4, 2015 Impatiens 013


With appreciation to Jennifer Nichole Wells  for her

One Word Photo Challenge:  Teal



Photos by Woodland Gnome 2015

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35 responses to “One Word Photo Challenge: Teal

  1. The pebbles add so much to the pot, the icing on the cake as they say. Also some great advice on the impatiens rooting so quickly, well worth the effort. Nice post.

    • Thank you 😉 When I checked the stems, expecting just a few tiny white bumps, I was amazed to see the vase filled with all of these roots! Wow! Something about this vase must accelerate the process. So glad you like it! The pebbles will disappear beneath the plants soon enough, but until they do, we enjoy them 😉 Thank you for visiting FG today 😉

  2. I love the way plants just multiply around you! Love rippling out to infinity! 🙂

    • Oh, that is a great image, Eliza 😉 I can see it as a giant green, growing Mandala of vegetative growth!! I’m very happy as I found a fern I’ve been searching for for better than a year now… at the grocery store! It is a wonderful ‘table fern’ if you know those … very odd leaves, and highly ruffled on the tips. Yahoozie! Giant hugs, WG

      • You are so funny…a real plant addict! 😉 I know those ferns, they are pretty. Is yours variegated?
        Did you get snow today or just rain? The weather continues to astonish us!

        • Yes, it is variegated. I’m letting it rest with some warm water tonight ( it was very dry) but I’ll get photos tomorrow of it in some interesting way or another 😉 Rain all day, temps dropping after sunset and some snow tonight. So far only a dusting. We had mix much of the afternoon with a lot of sleet, but the ground was warm enough the pavements stayed clear. Deep sigh- we were OK this time 😉 What have you gotten? A very bad day for travel.

  3. Congratulations on getting this colour challenge so right, WG. I’ve had trouble finding anything remotely teal in colour, so this has been a tough one for me.

    • Thank you, Hugh. It is a tough one, and I spent a good deal of time looking through months worth of photos to find something on Tuesday. There was one pot, but the photo was overexposed. That sent me ‘pot shopping’ and it all worked out 😉 Hope you’re well. We have more snow on the way this afternoon. Best wishes, WG

      • Sounds a great idea to go shopping to go get the colour. I like it 🙂

        Your plant pots are very beautiful and I love all the decoration you put in with the plants as well. Makes any dull grey winter’s day seem all colourful and warming.

        Wishing you a lovely weekend, WG.

  4. What great use of teal! I noticed the back fabric being a shade of teal as well!

    The heart mineral, Chrysocolla?

    • Good guess! It is malachite/azurite. The fabric is a pashmina I was wearing yesterday and just threw over the chair at the last minute as a different backdrape 😉 Thank you for noticing the light teal in it as well. Teal is a good color for saturation- so peaceful and lifegiving. Hope you are well and warm today, Best wishes, WG

      • NICE mineral mix in a heart! I do love the more copper rich ones. Kind of partial to the blue hues!

        • Same here. I saw this in a shop in Oregon and brought it home to my husband as a gift. I get to play with it for photos 😉 This is one of my favorite mineral marriages. I found some wonderful rectangular beads of this material some years ago, and have made some stunning pieces with citrine mixed in. A very calming and healing stone to wear. Glad you like the heart 😉

  5. Many thanks for your good idea and your teal pot looks really nice. Best regards.

  6. The very best kind of recycling. I do it with coleus and African blue basil. Sometimes I’m surprised by the things that take root in nothing more than a glass of water.

    • Rickii, have you ever successfully rooted a Begonia Rex leaf in water? I tried last summer, with no luck. A friend gave me some leaves from her gorgeous plants. I’d love to learn how to root a Rex successfully. Any tips? (My dad skips the water step with Coleus stems. He just plucks them from a plant and sticks the stem into soil somewhere else. He doesn’t even use rooting hormone. ) Thank you for stopping by today 😉 WG

      • Slitting the veins on a rex and pinning it on moist vermiculite or sand and covering with a plastic bag to retain moisture is a common propagation method for rexes. Knowing your success record, you’ll have several new starts!

        • Nice of you to say so, Eliza, but it didn’t work for me. I had them in a plastic produce box, though, not a plastic bag. Maybe the humidity wasn’t high enough since the box had some slits… I’ve not mastered leaf propagation, so there is a new challenge 😉 The friend gave me several leaves from a couple of different plants. I tried standing some in small jars of water, others on vermiculite.. and lost them all ;-(

          • Sad to hear. Have you ever heard of Kind of pricey, but their begonia offerings are to die for. Click and drool. 😉 Big hugs back!

            • Oh Eliza- you just gave me a candy store!!! I’ve heard of Logees, but somehow didn’t realize they had these amazing Begonias! And I’ve searched for sources quite a bit without finding them!!! I don’t have any of the ‘escargot’ Rex varieties, and that is what I was trying to start from leaves last summer. I see Logee’s has a great selection 😉 Thank you!!!!!!!!!

              • My pleasure! It is located about 2 hours from me and it is a great place for a road trip, esp. in the winter! Their ‘cool’ house is full of flowering vines like jasmine and it is my favorite, although the tropical houses are pretty amazing, too. It really is our type of candy store!

                • Ohhh- what a fabulous place to visit! Just the right distance for a nice day-trip. I trust there are interesting places to eat nearby? Do you know the staff?

                  • Not that familiar with the staff, though they are very nice. It’s hard not to drop a lot of money there! It is located in a small town and the last time I was there the best they had for dining was rather disappointing. I hadn’t researched dining as my focus was on plants – lol!

                    • Well, packing a sandwich would be just fine to spend a few hours in their greenhouses. I was up past midnight clicking through their website. Yes, I must discipline myself to put off purchase of new plants for a few weeks now. I just confirmed tickets today to visit daughter and granddaughter next month. All my extra pennies must now go to the ‘spoiling fund.’ 😉

                    • I hope I didn’t open up Pandora’s Box for you with that introduction! 😉 The site is very addictive. One must show great restraint!
                      How wonderful, a trip! ‘spoiling fund’ – definitely a worthy cause! 😉

                    • 😉 I’m always thrilled to find new GOOD sources for interesting plants, Eliza. I’ve learned to practice restraint on the Plant Delights website, and will just slap my own fingers on the Logee site as well (to a point…) . It was a nice opportunity to find the cultivar names for some of the B. Rex I’ve picked up at WalMart and Lowes for a song. I’m always intrigued by the huge variation in price for the same plant from different sources. When you know what you ‘re looking for, you can generally find it reasonable priced. Patience and persistence… 😉 Thank you again for sharing this great site. Looking is always a pleasure, and always free 😉

  7. Your teal pot is so so gorgeous and you’ve planted it well. I’m glad spring is vaguely in the air- the plants at least know it’s coming. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Thank you, Jenny. A chance to go shopping today, and I found a new source for great pots in the process! I just love teal… such a peaceful and soothing color. Hope you’re well and not under weather advisories. We didn’t hit 70 today, as forecast, but still have snow on the way tonight and tomorrow. What a wild ride! Best wishes, WG

      • It’s actually too hot for my liking here. Supposed to cool down to the 50s again this weekend. So glad you found a new place for pot buying (that sounds bad doesn’t it…). Stay warm.

        • Bad? Depends on your politics 😉 Yes, friends have been telling me about “Tuesday Morning” for a long time. I finally deviated from our normal path enough to go, and Wow! What a great place! I had no idea they carry so many different things at great prices. A beautiful selection of Malaysian pots with great glazes, and I found this little treasure 😉 You’re telling me to stay warm, so I’ll reply, ‘I hope you can keep cool!’ 😉 They say it could go down to the teens here tomorrow and Friday nights. Really?? What a crazy winter we’re having, Jenny 😉 I bought more candles to keep the plants in the garage warm enough to survive for the next few days…

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