Heart Stone

February 18, 2015 fern garden 004


Have you ever found a heart stone?  A heart stone is a little stone worn away into the shape of a heart.  We always watch for them.

Sometimes we find them on beaches, worn into shape in the pounding surf.  These are always special.

Others we find in rock and crystal shops, at mineral shows, or from online mineral vendors.

Colleen, at Silver Threading, and I have been chatting about heart stones since I read her installment entitled, “ The Swamp Fairy-Deciphering the Code” in her online short story about The Swamp Fairy.  This is a wonderfully magical story, and I invite you to read it from the beginning, “The First Dream of the Swamp Fairy.”

A heart stone features in her story, with a wonderful photograph of the stone.

When Colleen learned that heart stones are special to us, she asked to see some in our collection.  That was enough to inspire me to create a little moss garden for this heart stone, carved from labrodorite.  The fern has actually been growing in this container for a few months now.  It came inside in early autumn to live through the winter in our living room garden.  Today I dressed it up with moss left from yesterday’s fairy garden project, a few bits of lichens I’ve been saving, and of course, a heart stone.


February 18, 2015 fern garden 003


You might have noticed that I often use bits of mineral and gemstone in my potted gardens and terrariums.  Gemstones all have a very particular molecular and crystalline structure which allows them to transmit and amplify energy; particularly electrical energy.  That is why the watch you’re wearing is probably a quartz watch.  The piezoelectric properties of all quartz based minerals are particularly useful for receiving, amplifying, storing, transmitting, and transforming energy.  That is why our computers use quartz, and why the Egyptians capped their pyramids and built their obelisks from quartz rich granite.

All plants and animals produce bioelectricity.  We respond to the energy produced by the sun and transmitted by the Earth.  Pairing plants with minerals enhances both.

And keeping a heart stone nestled in this bed of moss, beneath this young fern, in the heart of our home, feels like a good thing to do.  We enjoy its beauty, and it radiates happiness and well-being.


February 18, 2015 stone 002~

Woodland Gnome 2015


Heart stones found on the beach in the Aran Islands.

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Lifelong teacher and gardener.

23 responses to “Heart Stone

  1. It’s so beautiful! Thank you for sharing and I shall encourage my children to make some as it looks absolutely wonderful. I love the idea of the Swamp Fairies living in them with the heart stone at hand to keep them safe! ☺️

    • 😉 What a wonderful thing to do with your children. It should be great fun, and allow them to create an environment where their own stories will take root and grow. 😉 Thank you for visiting Forest Garden. Best wishes, WG

  2. Oh, so lovely! Your lichen is particularly fine and the heart adds so much as a point of focus. Very sweet. 🙂

  3. Beautiful and I have a couple heart stones too! 🙂 I LOVE hearts!

  4. These are so beautiful. Thanks to Colleen for bringing me here… Must start my own.

    • Thank you for visiting Forest Garden today, and for your follow 😉 I’m looking forward to visiting your site. When you make one, I hope you’ll post photos and make sure to send me a link. Best wishes, WG

  5. Silver Threading

    Reblogged this on Silver Threading and commented:
    The Swamp Fairy has inspired a friend to create a fabulous retreat with her very own “heart stones.” Please visit her blog and enjoy the images. ❤

  6. Silver Threading

    I absolutely love your heart stones and terrariums! Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures with me. I wished we lived closer so I could learn how to make such a gorgeous terrarium! The swamp fairies would be right at home with your heart stones and their beautiful home. ❤

    • That is always our hope. We have great respect for the elves and fairies, and find they help out in countless ways. It would be so nice to live closer. You would fit in so well with our friends here in Williamsburg- but since you are a ways a way, here is a post which might help you get started with your own terrarium. They are so easy! You’ll have a great time if you try this. https://forestgardenblog.wordpress.com/2015/01/12/building-a-terrarium/
      I hope you get lots of views of your story today 😉 Best wishes, {3 WG

      • Silver Threading

        Thank you so much for the help on building a terrarium. I am going to give it a go, as soon as my house painting project is finished. We are painting the interior of our house and it is quite tedious. Thanks again. ❤ 🙂

  7. farseems

    Thanks for sharing. Loved the story as well as the blog that led to the story

  8. I do the same thing n my pots too, picking up unique stones from anywhere I travel! Love the heart shaped stone! We have some really nice stones around our mountain creek! Love all your potted plants, I am always partial to ferns too!! 🙂

    • There are so many gorgeous ferns available now, and I love growing them. Their leaves are so interesting. So you are a stone saver too 😉 Maybe you could tuck a stone from the creek into the box with the walnut round when you ship it? Are you thawing any today? We have sun and are around 40, water with dripping off the roof, we’re happy to hear.

  9. I pick up all sorts of rocks, especially the heart-shaped ones. Didn’t know any of this background information. Now they are even more special.

    • 😉 Somehow, Rickii, I’m not at all surprised that you collect heart stones, too 😉 We are always so happy to find them. There are especially pretty stones to find no west coast beaches. Best wishes, WG

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