Garden Blogger’s Foliage Day

January 21, 2015 cutting board 013


What fun to stumble upon something new!  Today I found a link to Christina’s gardening blog, where she hosts this wonderful event on the 22 of each month.

Christina posts, “Welcome to Garden Bloggers’ Foliage Day, where we celebrate all kinds of foliage, green, evergreen, silver, gold or red.”

And what a wonderful hour I’ve just spent following the links from her blog to other fascinating gardening blogs with posts about interesting leaves!


January 21, 2015 cutting board 016


My offering for this January 22 is the latest in my series of little moss gardens and terrariums.  My gardening is mostly inside at the moment, and these little moss gardens bring such pleasure.

A friend and I shopped the Re-Store, which supports Habitat For Humanity, earlier this week; and I came home with lots of interesting clear glass containers for terrariums.  This was the best one, and I made it up as a gift for her husband’s recent re-retirement.


January 21, 2015 cutting board 014


This little garden’s most interesting foliage is the tiny strawberry begonia, Saxifraga stolonifera.  This is another new baby off of some larger plants I’m overwintering inside.

In addition to the soft green mosses from our garden, there is a division of a special lacy fern and a division of peacock spikemoss, Selaginella uncinata.


January 23, 2015 birds 003~

A bit of shelf fungus pulled from a branch in our forest completes this little garden.

All of these plants may be transplanted outside in a few months when the weather settles.  Whether moved to a pot or planted into a bed, this little grouping will grow on in a shady spot.  All little divisions now, they will each grow quite a bit larger and continue to spread.


January 23, 2015 birds 002


I am so happy to be surrounded with talented friends who love gardening and are happy to share the joy of it with me.  And now that I’ve found Garden Blogger’s Foliage Day, there is another opportunity to photograph and share the many beautiful foliage plants we grow and enjoy throughout the year.


Woodland Gnome 2015


January 21, 2015 cutting board 016

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Lifelong teacher and gardener.

4 responses to “Garden Blogger’s Foliage Day

  1. Another wonderful creation – I love the tiny strawberry begonia & think the fungus is a nice touch of the wild.

  2. This is a lovely idea, Woodland gnome, thank you for bringing something different to GBFD; this is what makes blogging so interesting, a new idea, a new take on something familiar. I didn’t realise these little gardens could be in such an open container, the only ones I’ve ever seen the top was almost closed and it was very difficult to get the plant material into the container.

    • Dear Christina, A container with a small opening allows air to circulate, keeping them a bit fresher and making damping off of tender stems less likely. It does mean keeping a closer eye on it and adding a bit of distilled or spring water from time to time. I wanted an opening large enough so my friends can removed these little starts to transplant them to something larger later in the spring. Here is a more traditional one you might enjoy : When I select plants, it is almost always for their beautiful and unusual foliage; not their flowers (excepting the roses, or course 😉 Thank you for letting me join in to this fascinating blogging event. I’ll be better prepared for it with photos by February 😉 Best wishes, WG

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