Custom Quilted Flame Maple Cutting Board – Part II

January 21, 2015 cutting board 002


The beautiful custom cutting board, which Michael Laico of Greenville, South Carolina crafted for us, arrived today. It is simply gorgeous.

When Michael and I began discussing this project, I told him that I needed a beautiful board to use daily in the kitchen. He made exactly what I asked for, down to the tiniest detail.


January 21, 2015 cutting board 003


And yet, now that we have received this beautiful board, we realize that it is a work of art…. not an everyday work surface!
So we will certainly enjoy it, but as a serving piece; not for chopping veggies, fruits, and cheese!


January 21, 2015 cutting board 008


My partner made a point of telling me how many other cutting boards I already own in his efforts to not mar this beautiful wood with everyday use. Can you blame him?

I’ve taken a series of photos to show you both sides of the board, and its edges.




Please notice the amazing grain of this quilted maple, which looks multi-dimensional. Held to the light, the grain looks like little holograms dancing across the wood’s surface.

If you are dreaming of a beautiful wooden cutting board of your own you will enjoy a  visit Micheal’s site, Michael’s Woodcraft . He works with the best woods available and crafts each piece individually, by hand.

You will enjoy seeing Micheal’s work if you visit his blog, and you will enjoy  getting to know him if you choose to contact him to place an order. -WG

Michael's Woodcraft


This board was custom made for my blogger friend over at Forest Garden blog, she wanted the wood to look as natural as possible. She selected Flamed Quilted Maple for the board and I was lucky to find a piece with a live edge. She did not want a large cutting board but one that fit into her space that she could use everyday. She likes beautiful woods, but wanted it all organic and artistic as well as functional.


The live edge board I had found was only approximate 9-1/2 inches wide. The board needed to be 12 x 15 inches. To proved the extra 2-1/2 inches or so I added a piece of Flamed Quilted Maple from another board that was a different shade that would help to off set the live edge and that would look nice.


After cutting the two boards to match, gluing the dominos to attach the boards I…

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2 responses to “Custom Quilted Flame Maple Cutting Board – Part II

  1. Eliza, this beautiful board is as smooth as any piece of fine antique furniture which has been lovingly polished for many decades. I will tell S you agree 😉 OK… no cutting…. 😉

  2. S. and I think alike – how could you possibly mar that gorgeous board with a knife edge? I think perhaps a serving platter or a base for plant (with saucer of course). Somewhere it can be seen and touched – it looks smooth as silk. It is a beautiful work of art indeed!

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