January 13, 2013 bleak 031


What is it?

Let’s set that question aside for a moment, if you are willing to play along with me for a little while.


January 13, 2013 bleak 027


Our brains want to bring meaning to the abstract patterns which surround us each day.


January 13, 2013 bleak 020


 We try to organize, categorize, connect the dots, and see how the part fits into the whole.

It is hard wired into us from infancy.


January 13, 2013 bleak 034


But let’s suspend belief for a moment, and allow a different set of neurons to fire as we simply appreciate.


January 13, 2013 bleak 018


Let your eyes wander over the abstractness of these colors and forms.  Touch the texture with your imagination.


January 13, 2013 bleak 009


Is it sharp?  Is it hard?  How would it feel under your fingertips?


January 13, 2013 bleak 036


Would you invite these colors into your life?


January 13, 2013 bleak 022


Into your home?

Do the patterns evoke a memory?


January 13, 2013 bleak 005~

Spark an inspiration?  Could it suggest the solution to a problem you’ve been pondering?


January 13, 2013 bleak 021


Allow yourself a holiday from the logical; a tiny crack in the facade of reality to visit the unknown.


January 13, 2013 bleak 008


Such beauty leads of forward, onward towards the possibilities we have perhaps sensed, but not yet lived.


January 13, 2013 bleak 030


Even in mid-winter, when we assume the world is bleak; it may be possible to find the magic, once again, within the abstract beauty we encounter all around us.


January 13, 2013 bleak 040


Photos by Woodland Gnome 2015


January 13, 2013 bleak 007



About woodlandgnome

Lifelong teacher and gardener.

10 responses to “Abstract

  1. yes let us experience sensually with our hearts open to the possibility of wonder in each instance, our eyes looking at everything for the first time every time, then, then perhaps we will set ourselves aflight, on fire, alight, soaring on wings aloft where time has no meaning and the language that we speak is the one we all know from a time before time, a language that all beings spoke before coyote ate his brother: rabbit, and left the world changed for us to play with and delight in, in all ways shaping shaping shaping . . . . ajo!

  2. What great photos! These are just the things that catch my eye when I am out and about. Lichens are particularly lovely in the winter when you can really see them without the leaves to distract us.
    I had guessed a gall of some sort. If they were on the ground, they are probably killing the branch they are on. As I always say, ‘everything is food’ – sooner or later!
    And your hellebore is budded – yay!

    • You just have to go with “the flow” don’t you? Every season has its own perils and beauties. I found more “nurse logs” yesterday along the road, but not where we could stop to photograph them. AS much rain as we’ve had, I’m just waiting for little ferns to pop up everywhere, too. I love tree ferns which climb on branches such as these. Everything is very green and lovely- the lichens grows while you watch it. Yes, the branches with galls also had lichens, which means they were dying anyway and probably broke off in the last wind storm. Mushrooms growing at the base of the tree caught my attention. We parked and I walked back, finding the rest of the beauty waiting.

  3. I do love lichens, fungus, and moss. I had Garden Club last night and the speaker, who was excellent, talked about amaryllis and passed out potted bulbs as gifts. They are mystery varieties. I’ll let you know when it blooms.

    • What a great take away from your meeting, Barbara 😉 I would have really enjoyed your meeting on Amaryllis. Please do post photos when yours blooms. Are you going to pot it up into an arrangement, or leave it in its little nursery pot? Stay warm- our ice grows thicker here as the day wears on, and there are sounds of cracking things all around us… Cheers!

    • 😉 These photos are mostly lichens, fungus and mosses, growing on and around trees. It has been so wet here for so long it is beginning to look like the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest! Now all we need are some lovely tree ferns to begin growing on the branches. The first photo is some sort of gall which grew into a branch of an oak,which has been covered now in lichens. There were several lying on the ground under the tree, but this one was the most interesting, and most covered in additional growth. Hope you enjoy your day! WG

  4. Looks like a forgotten cauliflower from the bottom of my fridge!

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