January 11, 2015 terrarium 021


The Amaryllis bulb planted last week has begun to grow, and its pale bud has deepened to green.

The building of this little garden was documented in “The Gift.”    There was a kind request in the comments to show you its progress.  It has been growing since last Sunday.


January 11, 2015 terrarium 020~

In addition to the slight growth of the Amaryllis buds, I’ve also noticed the spike moss beginning to fill out with newly opening buds.

That is beyond exciting to a gardening addict like me!

Imagine, here we are deeply into a solidly frozen January, and I’m watching buds swell  and green in this little inside garden.


January 11, 2015 terrarium 008


Just for comparison, another photo taken today of a solidly frozen moss garden living outside on our deck.

If the weather forecast proves true, you may see this one covered in ice one day very soon!


This bottle has now been transformed into a tiny terrarium.  Here, before construction began.

This bottle has now been transformed into a tiny terrarium. Here, before construction began.  Tomorrow I’ll show you the progress of that garden when typing becomes a bit easier.  My left hand remains bandaged today after an unfortunate accident in the kitchen yesterday….  And yes, all is well….


Woodland Gnome 2015

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9 responses to “Growth

  1. Sorry to hear about the accident. 😦 It’s lovely to see plants growing. We’ve had a little warm-up today with lots of rain and fog.

    • The fog here was delightful this afternoon. Sky touched street, and it was a wonderful effect. We were in the 40s and very wet. It is quite wonderful to watch things growing. I’m making the rounds of our Hellebores every few days now 😉 Hope all is well with you, WG

  2. Wonderful to see these plants growing in the middle of Winter. Over here in the UK, many spring flowering bulbs are already coming into flower because of our very mild Autumn and, so far, mild Winter. I just hope they don’t get caught out should we be hit by real Winter weather in the weeks to come.

    • Dear Hugh, I can imagine you are surrounded with snowdrops by now, and maybe some Crocus? Such a glorious mild climate in the UK. I hope you are spared the ravages of winter. Quite often our worst weather comes in February and March. We had a rough time last year, and hope for a mild winter and early spring here for 2015. Thank you for visiting Forest Garden 😉 WG

      • Strangely enough, the snowdrops and crocus have not made an appearance as yet, whereas the daffodils have. We’ve had more White Easters than White Christmases in the UK so I’m not holding my breath yet. I’ve seen days where all four seasons pay us a visit, but that’s part of living in the southern part of the UK for you. 🙂

        • Yes, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait an hour or so!” It does keep life interesting 😉 Our neighbor’s new planting of Paperwhites have a few blooms at the moment, and my snowdrops are emerging. Spring is such a fascinating time as we celebrate and enjoy each new flower to emerge 😉 Best wishes for mild weather to follow- WG

  3. Sorry about the accident and I’ve enjoyed seeing a bit of life emerging in your little garden.

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