Feeding My Addiction…

December 28, 2014 winter 012


While much of the country has ice and snow this last week of December, we are a balmy 48 with light showers.


December 29, 2014 garden 003


We had a breath of spring this weekend with sunshine and warmer temperatures.


December 29, 2014 garden 005


We are so fortunate to have a climate mild enough to sustain greenery and flowers through the winter months.


December 28, 2014 winter 018*

I am still enamored of moss, and dug up a bit more from the garden to lay in pots near the house.


December 28, 2014 winter 021


I don’t believe it will last long into spring, in those areas with direct sun, but it is nice in the winter when so much of the garden stands bare.


December 28, 2014 winter 011


This is the season when I appreciate our ivy the most, along with our Violas and Camellias, which still have a few blooms despite the cold, wind, and rain.


December 28, 2014 winter 007


There is just enough still growing in our pots to feed my gardening addiction.

Everything is looking rather ratty, to be honest.


December 28, 2014 winter 013


There are still brown fallen leaves blown into pots and around them.


December 29, 2014 garden 001*

There are leaves to trim back, and the bare sticks of hydrangea and fig protruding from the pots, just waiting out winter.

But it almost doesn’t matter.

December 28, 2014 winter 015


So long as I can go out from time to time to deadhead spent Viola blossoms, admire the moss, look for signs of bulbs poking up, and take a photo here and there; I am happy.


December 29, 2014 garden 014


Winter returned today with heavy skies, cold wind and rain.  I’ve heard it could snow tomorrow…


December 29, 2014 garden 010


But the coffee is on, and it’s warm inside this afternoon.   A good friend stopped by to visit. 

And there are pots to tend inside, too.


December 29, 2014 garden 016


Woodland Gnome 2014


December 29, 2014 garden 012


About woodlandgnome

Lifelong teacher and gardener.

6 responses to “Feeding My Addiction…

  1. I love seeing your winter greenery and flowers. What zone are you? That idea of moving some moss into pots is a good one and one I plan to borrow! Happy new year.

    • Dear Jaime, We are in Zone 7B. We normally have fairly mild winters, with rare snow and ice. We’ve had several freezing nights thus far, but the Violas are thriving 😉 I hope your pots turn out beautifully 😉 Happy New Year! WG

  2. Shawn Weisser

    Reblogged this on Watch My Garden Growing and commented:
    Her garden looks much like mine. The cold we had previously wiped out anything green but with warmer, yes … 40s are warmer than what we had before but we are in the 60s, temperatures my lawn is trying to look a little green and I am afraid my trees may try to bloom! We are feeding the beds with compost to get them ready for spring and I have been perusing the seed catalogs!

  3. Shawn Weisser

    We too have had a bit of spring. I feel as though I should be gardening right now. It will remain in the 40s this week and 3 hours drive north my daughter is being snowed upon.

    • Stay warm 😉 It is too early to prune or plant, but at least we can feed the soil. Next warm day I plan to rake and shred some leaves. Thank you for visiting Forest Garden today. I hope your daughter and her family enjoy the snow. Best wishes, WG

  4. There still is lots of life in your garden – I love your pansies – they are so cheery. Nice photo of the bare trees – silhouettes in fractal patterns. It’s when we really get to see the difference in types of trees. With the warmer and moist weather the moss here has been fantastic – so green. Now that the temps are dropping, it will turn back to a less attractive yellow-green.

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