Christmas in Colonial Virginia

Colonial Williamsburg, 2014

Colonial Williamsburg, 2014


Merry Christmas to you and yours on this Christmas Day.

Christmas is our favorite holiday here in the United States.  It is interesting to look back and consider how the first European colonists in Virginia celebrated Christmas over 400 years ago.

Please enjoy this little retrospective, written last December, as you take a break today from opening gifts and enjoying good food with loved ones.

Thank you for your comments and likes, and for the time you spend throughout the year visiting Forest Garden.

We send you all good wishes for a happy Christmas day. WG

Forest Garden

Sunset on December 2, on the James River near Jamestown Island.Sunset on December 2, on the James River near Jamestown Island.

Our Christmas is an amalgamation of many diverse strands of meaning, custom, and tradition.  The first English colonists who ventured to Virginia on behalf of the Virginia Company of London brought their traditions and customs with them.  And those customs were already an odd mix drawing bits from the ancient world of the Neolithic Celts, the Greeks and the Romans; all molded into the contemporary post-Reformation culture of urban England.

Keep in mind that the early Virginia colonists were a mix of gentlemen, craftsmen, and soldiers; who came to Virginia as a business venture to find gold, as the Spanish had further south, and to look for that elusive trade route to the rich markets of Asia.  Unlike their Puritanical cousins who settled further north along the coast 13 years later, they were not a particularly religious lot. …

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