The Real Santa(s)

Mark Roberts's "Christmas Dove Fairy"

Mark Roberts’s “Christmas Dove Fairy”


It is December 23, “Christmas Eve-eve.”

There are those waiting for Santa’s visit, and those deep into the last minute details of helping to make that visit possible!

Whatever your beliefs about Christmas, and however you choose to celebrate the season; you might be interested to know a little more about the history and reasons for our traditions. This post from last December brings together many of the themes of our celebrations in Northern Europe and the Americas. I hope you will enjoy seeing it again, along with more photos of the many “Santa Claus” figures in our collection.


Merry Christmas!

Woodland Gnome

Forest Garden

december 15 2013 Santas 038


There are many layers of myth and meaning attached to Christmas. 

It feels like the winter solstice is the most emotionally and mythically charged period of the year, for many of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, at least.  Its roots run deep in our history, deep in our religious practices, and deep in our psyches.

.december 15 2013 Santas 032


How often have you been admonished to remember the “real” meaning of Christmas?

The Roman Church, and its Protestant offshoots, have tried to limit our understanding of Christmas to their religious interpretation as the Feast of the Nativity.

Students of history know that the roots and meaning  of Christmas are millennia older, and run far deeper than the Christian Gospels dictate.

Keep in mind that the church didn’t designate a date to celebrate the birth of Jesus for over 300 years.  The first known references to such a celebration were…

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  1. Your Santa collection is very impressive! 🙂

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