Winter Sun

December  11, 2014 cold 061


Winter sun:

Blue returned to frosty sky,


December  11, 2014 cold 011


Glinting off garden’s evergreens,

Warmth pouring through the windows

Taunting us outside.


December  11, 2014 cold 023.


The birds reappeared at sunrise,

Gliding tree to tree,

Breaking their fast on fat frozen berries.


December  11, 2014 cold 021.

Calling and chattering they praised the fine day,

Glad to have stayed here awhile,

Glad for sun warming feet and feathers.



December  11, 2014 cold 032.



Winter’s wind still blows so cold

Despite sun’s optimistic shininess.



December  11, 2014 cold 041


We raced the sun today;

Its trek from horizon to horizon so low and quick.

Its golden light so brief before night settled once again.

We savored each hour like good chocolate.


December  11, 2014 cold 024.

Setting again by only mid-afternoon.

Gilding the trees in gold,


December  11, 2014 cold 068


Transforming the forest to a tapestry of bright and shadow.


December  11, 2014 cold 048


Glinting off water,


December  11, 2014 cold 070


Dyeing the sky bright yellow, pink, and orange.


December  11, 2014 cold 088


Briefly blazing before bowing down again

Below the rim of the world;


December  11, 2014 cold 057


Leaving gathering purple darkness in its wake;

Moon still not risen,

Stars glimmering like ice crystals in a frozen sky,

Cold blows in from the river.


December  11, 2014 cold 096



A damp blanket of darkness descends into the garden.

Light and warmth retreat inside.

We twist on electric candle flames in each window,

Tiny golden lights against the night.


December  11, 2014 cold 101



Words and Photos by Woodland Gnome 2014




About woodlandgnome

Lifelong teacher and gardener.

8 responses to “Winter Sun

  1. Beautiful post. You have captured the essence of a cold sunny Winter’s day with your images and words. It looks as if we have a rare sunny day coming up tomorrow. They are fair and few between the grey, damp – but relatively mild – days!

  2. Thank you for that sunny day, I needed it! This has been the grayest fall in recent memory. I miss seeing the sun!

    • You are so welcome, Eliza. Thought it only neighborly to share the sunshine with you, too. I know its been dreadfully wet and messy to our north and on the West Coast today, as well. We shivered, but we absolutely enjoyed every excuse to get outside and soak up the sun! Thank you for your beautiful card, which we received today. May all be well with you, WG

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