WPC: Converge

November 28, 2014 thanksgiving 070


Weekly Photo Challenge:  Converge

“Geometry in photography — shapes, diagonals, vanishing points — fascinates me.

As someone who was terrible at all math-related subjects this doesn’t intuitively make sense.


November 28, 2014 thanksgiving 049


What I like about geometrically-rich photos, though, is that they bring together distinct forms into one visual surface. Along the way, they also force the concrete and the abstract to converge: objects and landscapes are still themselves, yet already a little more (and a little less) than what I’d initially seen in them.”


The Daily Post



November 28, 2014 thanksgiving 106


Thanksgiving:  Converge


Photo by Woodland Gnome 2014

About woodlandgnome

Lifelong teacher and gardener.

10 responses to “WPC: Converge

  1. Hi, I really enjoy your view of the world, thanks for stopping by my blog, Vonita 🙂

  2. Lovely pictures again Woodland Gnome. I love seeing the world from your camera lens. And I was curios, what type of camera do you have?

    • Thank you very much, Sarah 😉 This particular series were shot in near freezing weather, which I think affects the clarity and quality of the light. Some of the surfaces, like the tree trunk, were coated in ice. I’m using a Nikon Coolpix S 3500. Not an expensive camera at all, it has some excellent features. It is tiny and light, fits into my pocket, and allows for quick “set up” without disturbing the birds I want to capture. Blessings to you, Sarah. I hope you’ve enjoyed the Thanksgiving weekend 😉 WG

      • Thank you for responding and the info. I appreciate it. Do you use a tripod with your wildlife pics? My current cam doesn’t focus well, esp with zoom and I’ve been looking for one that takes clear pics of wildlife with a good zoom so I won’t disturb the little critters.

        • Dear Sarah,

          My little camera is smaller than my phone. It has an opening to attache to a tripod, but I don’t use one. What this one does have, which is so helpful, is a feature to “freeze” the action so your shots aren’t blurry. It is auto focus with lots of helpful screen features. They are available on
          Amazon for under $100. There may be a newer model now, and I highly recommend the Nikkon Cool Pix. I’m not a camera “geek” and haven’t had a complicated camera with lots of lenses and toys since the 90s. This is simple to use and I love the photo quality for my purposes. This has a 7x zoom, by the way. Best wishes, WG

  3. Very interesting perspectives of converge. Beautifully shot photos…

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