Time to Remember Winter

November 18, 2014 moss 003


One forgets winter, sometimes, by the end of a long summer.

And so it was yesterday that we set out in the afternoon to take a drive, and some photos.

I wore a hooded pea coat over my jeans and sweater, but left the gloves behind on the counter.  It was sunny, after all!

And it had reached the lower 40s by afternoon after a long, slow climb up from night time 20s.


November 18, 2014 moss 006

It wasn’t until I climbed out, camera in hand, at the parking area across from the beach path that I felt the full force of the wind blowing across the river.

So I pulled up the hood, fastened an extra button, and headed towards the beach, leaving my wiser partner in the shelter of the car.


November 18, 2014 moss 004

The wind whipped at my hood and drove icy needles through my fingers as it rattled the grasses along the path.

The entire landscape danced to the lively jig of this frigid November wind.


November 18, 2014 moss 002

We knew that only a few hundred miles to the north this same wind whipped feet of snow across highways  and neighborhoods; whole cities silenced under a blanket of arctic white.



November 18, 2014 moss 009

And low, dense clouds were forming over us.  I wondered whether we might see Bay effect snow by nightfall.

I’m not sure what I was hoping to find, yesterday afternoon.


November 18, 2014 moss 008

Not a single bird appeared.  Not an insect buzzed; not a single squirrel scampered in search of food.

It was eerily silent except for the wind.

Waves lapped against the pale clean sand of the beach.

Summer’s litter had blown well back into the grass line.

Everything looked scrubbed clean by the wind, bleached by the cold, and faded to brown and grey and palest green.


November 18, 2014 moss 011

There came a point when my fingers were nearly numb, and shivering, and  the wind kept finding its way ever closer to my bones.


November 18, 2014 moss 005

Time to turn back to the shelter of our car.

We would continue on our way, together, on heated seats with windows rolled up tightly.

Time to remember winter, and pick up the habits of warmth once more.

Time for thick scarves, woolen socks, lined gloves, and pots of soup simmering on the stove at home.


November 18, 2014 moss 010


Photos by Woodland Gnome 2014


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8 responses to “Time to Remember Winter

  1. Beautiful images, WG. One of the most interesting things about November (at least to me) is how everything becomes quiet for a while. Once winter settles in, so do the birds and other creatures, and I start to hear them and see them again. But for a few days near the end of November, everything goes quiet as if to prepare for (or maybe, as you suggest, remember) winter.

    Watch those fingers! I’ve nearly frozen mine off a time or two, even with gloves.

    • It must be an especially beautiful time there on the Shore, Robin. I like living on “the edges” of things, near the water, where man’s effect on the natural landscape is minimal. We noticed our cardinals talking to one another at sunset last night for the first time in days. We’ve noticed the lack of birds in the yard, as well, since the end of last week. But we hope to see them return now, and also some milder weather. Gloves live in my bag, and usually in the car, all winter. Just time to get all of the cold weather routines going again. Hugs, WG

  2. I love all the golden browns of dried weeds and grasses. Braving the cold to bring us some beauty. I went out today at 23 degrees, but left the camera behind, too cold with that wind!

  3. Beautiful photos as usual, so you did venture out in the cold today!! We never made it past 39 today and tonight is suppose to be same as last night, around 15 degrees!

    Stay warm! 🙂

    • We ventured out for a little shopping at mid-day, but those photos were taken yesterday. We almost stayed in today, but the sun was bright and it hit the low 40s. Not sure how cold it may get here tonight, but it is supposed to be a little warmer these next few days. How can I complain when more snow is on the way around the Great Lakes? Brrr! Stay warm, Michael, E

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