A Walk About

The Camellia in full bloom along my driveway, setting out for a walk about the nieghborhood.

The Camellia in full bloom along our own driveway, setting out for a walk about the neighborhood.


Last evening was the perfect everything for a walk about the neighborhood.

When I set out in late afternoon it was  clear and sunny; not too hot or too cold.

October 25, 2014 fall color 012

All in all it was the perfect opportunity to get out and see the wider world beyond our own garden, and I had the time to enjoy it.

The roses beside our driveway have come into bloom again.

The roses beside our driveway have come into bloom again.


My first destination was the home of friends.  A friend and I were splitting a bag of daffodil bulbs, and I had a delivery to make.

October 25, 2014 fall color 006

From there, I made my way down the quiet streets of our neighborhood towards the pond.  Families were out walking their dogs and spending time with children.

Looking across the pond, the homes are still mostly hidden by trees.

Looking across the pond, the homes are still mostly hidden by trees.

The light faded quickly in this late October sky, and I wanted to make it to the Creek before sunset.

Down another friends’ driveway one finds the dusty pine needle covered path across an earthen dam separating our pond from the creek.

The path is heavily wooded.

The path is heavily wooded.

Trees have grown here on both sides of the path, making it harder to see through to the water.  Birds and squirrels chatter at the intrusion into their private world.  I could hear the voices of children in the distance.  The homes ringing the pond are still mostly hidden behind the trees.

October 24, 2014 walk 003

It is nice to be able to walk back here again.  Many of us avoid this path once the weather warms each spring.  There are ticks and chiggers, mosquitoes and who knows what else in the heavy underbrush.

But by autumn, it isn’t quite so hazardous.  Or perhaps with long pants, hat and a jacket it just feels like a safer path to take!

I can see streaks of pink and purple gathering in the sky over the creek as I emerge through another driveway back to the city street.  I cut across past the playground, across the deck, and down towards the dock.  Darkness gathers, and I wonder whether these photos will turn out at all.

October 24, 2014 walk 007

With no street lights, and no flashlight,  it is best not to linger by the water for long.  There is the long climb ahead on the pathway home. 

October 24, 2014 walk 009

Turning my back to the sunset, I head out across the open field and into the shadows of the tree lined street.  Nothing I’m wearing is light or reflective.  It is way too dark here for photos, so my camera goes back into the relative safety of my jacket pocket.

It is a long steep climb.  The exercise feels good, and it reminds me to make this hike a bit more often.

October 24, 2014 walk 008

And not a single car passes on this leg of the journey.  No children’s voices sing out, no dogs bark, and no other walkers call greetings.

An occasional lighted window gives the only evidence of neighbors at home along the way.  Most are probably out for dinner on this Friday evening.

The glow of lamplight greets me as I near my own driveway once again.  My partner has turned on every outside light to greet me.

But even that pales in comparison to the sky, which has turned a fiery orangey pink in the space of only a few minutes.  I can see it again now, above my neighbor’s roof line as I turn towards home.  What beauty!

In another few weeks, once the leaves have fallen, the sky will open up to us once again at sunset.  For now we peek between the trees and above the neighbors’ roofs, basking in the reflected glow of it in the garden.

And I’m basking in the peace of it all.

I made it back home before dark settled completely across the community, knowing this should become a part of my routine during these gorgeous autumn days.


Robin challenged those of us who follow her blog to take a walk and post about it. 

This challenge is called “Walktober.”  Robin will gather up all of these posts, and publish links, so we can go along with one another to the interesting and beautiful places we have all visited. 

I hope you will follow the link back to Robin’s “Breezes at Dawn” blog to join her for her walk on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

Shortly, I’ll publish a link back to all of the “Walktober” posts so you can come along, too.


October 25, 2014 fall color 013

Photos by Woodland Gnome 2014


Walktober  by Eliza Waters


Wonderful Walktober Walks by Robin, Breezes at Dawn

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9 responses to “A Walk About

  1. What a great walk! I could feel the hominess of the neighborhood as I read your words and could see it in the photos. I loved your photos, too. Thank you for taking us along with you!

  2. Pingback: Wonderful Walktober Walks | breezes at dawn

  3. Thank you, WG, for taking us all on such a wonderful walk! You live in a beautiful neighborhood, and I think your words paint as many pictures as your lovely images. 🙂

  4. Pingback: Walktober | Eliza Waters

  5. Thanks for taking us along with you on your walk – your camellias are so lovely. I esp. like the 3rd photo from the last, where the clouds and tree silhouettes are reflected in the water. I will check out the Walktober links, maybe I’ll join in. I was thinking yesterday as I walked that I should post a similar theme. It is a lovely time of year.

    • Thank you, Eliza. We are enjoying the Camellias so much. I hope you do post photos of a walk in your garden- would love to come along and see how beautiful everything is there now that you’re fully into autumn.
      Best wishes, WG

      • Oh, really there is nothing left to look at, but I suppose if I put my mind to it, I could gather few photos of foliage. I’ve begun to cut down a lot of the beds and yesterday I did the frog pond – only five little ones and a tadpole. No sign of Prince Charming. 🙂 Maybe he headed back to the river on his own.

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