One Word Photo Challenge: Cerulean

Siletz Bay, Oregon

Siletz Bay, Oregon

Jennifer picked the perfect color for her photo challenge this week:  Cerulean. 


Wildflowers growing in the outdoor display at the Newport Aquarium.

Wildflowers growing in the outdoor display at the Newport Aquarium.


I am just back from my visit to the Oregon coast.  After a week of living on a Pacific Ocean beach, I’ve returned with a huge cache of photos showing cerulean skies and the cerulean tinted ocean.

We were blessed with perfect September weather. 


The beach below my hotel along the Oregon coast.

The beach below my hotel along the Oregon coast.

While it rained nearly every day back here in Virginia; we had warm, sunny days along the northern West Coast.  I didn’t even see fog until Monday morning!

Of course I was taking lots of photos of the beauty of coastal Oregon.  I’ll show you a few of the best ones over the next few days.


Deep water tanks at the Newport Aquarium.

Deep water tanks at the Newport Aquarium.


And I was so happy to enjoy gardens both on land and in the sea!  There is so much plant life living on the rocky Oregon coast and in the tidal shallows.

“Forest Garden” will temporarily morph into “Seaside Garden.”


September 17, 2014 Oregon 363

And some of the most amazing photos come from Newport’s beautiful aquarium.  And that is where we are beginning, with a series of photos taken “under” the aquarium.

These deep water tanks feature tunnels for the human observers.  I felt like we were actually the entertainment, brought in to amuse the fish!


September 17, 2014 Oregon 372

One literally walks “through” the aquarium, safe and dry, while watching the fish swimming around and over top of you.  Which was fine, until we reached the shark tanks….


September 17, 2014 Oregon 365

These special tanks have openings to the sky above.  One sees the rays of sunlight shining down into the water, much as fish in the wild experience it.

The habitats are kept as natural as possible, and allow one to observe both the fish and plant life which live right along the coast.

I saw many of these same sea plants washed up on the beach during my daily walks.


September 17, 2014 Oregon 366

We enjoyed two visits to the Newport Aquarium during my time in Oregon, visiting with family.

The little one of the family had her first visit to the aquarium, and her first visit to the beach, while I was there!

What an honor to share that with her.


September 17, 2014 Oregon 381

And now,  there and back home again;  I am happy to share with you, Cerulean.


With appreciation to Jennifer Wells

For her One Word Photo Challenge:  Cerulean


September 17, 2014 Oregon 289


All Photos by Woodland Gnome 2014


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Lifelong teacher and gardener.

15 responses to “One Word Photo Challenge: Cerulean

  1. And little wonder girl in blue soaking it all in. What a joy. She is lovely.

  2. Pingback: One Word Photo Challenge: Mustard | Jennifer Nichole Wells

  3. What a sweet, new gran-baby! Lucky you!

  4. I’m happy you were able to enjoy your beautiful grandbaby girl and beautiful Coast weather all in the same visit. Life is good!

  5. These are so gorgeous. Love the underwater ones of course!!

  6. Anonymous

    Beautiful; especially the little one!

  7. I am so happy for you, WG! 🙂 What a cute little girl. I know you feel fortunate.
    The scenery there is marvelous! Doesn’t look like Fall at all. The beachy blues
    are cool, and the fish — oh, my! Dry in the midst of fantasia. Thanks for sharing!

    Look forward to seeing more. Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree

    • Glad you enjoyed the photos, UT. Yes, dry in the midst of Fantasia! They have sleepovers there for families, I’m told. Only a few trees beginning to turn, here and there. It looks about like it does here… but they are Zone 8 and we are 7b, despite the difference in latitude. I am truly blessed with such a beautiful family. I have more than 400 photos, so there is more to share 😉 Best wishes, peace and luvz back to you, WG

  8. What a wonderful trip, beautiful pictures and a absolutely beautiful granddaughter!!! 🙂 She is gorgeous! I am so glad you had time to spend with her 🙂

    • I have absolutely fallen in love with her. She is very sweet natured, curious, and she loves animals. We fed the gulls together from the hotel balcony, and she was enthralled! Hope you’re well, Michael, Best wishes, WG

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