August 27, 2014 Parkway 064


August is slowly, steadily, sliding into September.


August 27, 2014 Parkway 047


Summer sun still bakes the beach,

and the garden ,

at mid-day;



August 26, 2014 garden 040



Nights whisper in

Cool breezes.


August 26, 2014 garden 072


Frog and cricket song

Start a little earlier each evening;


August 26, 2014 garden 068


Birds greet the sunrise a little later each day.


August 24, 2014  beach 050


Dew gilded mornings feel fresh;

Clear blue skies deepening  to sapphire.


August 27, 2014 Parkway 049


Energy of beginnings :

Renewed interest –


August 28, 2014 turtles 041


Reawakened purpose –

Opportunities taken-

Journeys begun.


August 27, 2014 Parkway 078


Berries swell and ripen.


August 27, 2014 Parkway 039


A season’s efforts almost complete.


August 27, 2014 Parkway 030


Greens soften into plum,


August 27, 2014 Parkway 062


crimson, gold, magenta,

nutty brown.


August 27, 2014 Parkway 044


Paring down.


August 27, 2014 Parkway 057


Discarding the extraneous,

The exhausted, the empty husks of yesterday.


August 27, 2014 Parkway 090




August 27, 2014 Parkway 102



Words and Photos by Woodland Gnome 2014


August 27, 2014 Parkway 069

About woodlandgnome

Lifelong teacher and gardener.

8 responses to “Transition

  1. You’ve captured the essence of this time of year beautifully through photos and words. You’ve helped me to feel better about the transition. I have a difficult time letting go of summer. Fall and winter are not my favorite seasons…

    • Thank you, Jane, for letting me know the post gave you another perspective on the end of summer. All of us gardeners and naturalists find endless entertainment and enjoyment in the warm months when the animals are about and things are growing. it is hard to watch it all come to an end, even temporarily. But the period of cleansing and rest is important to the cycle. Those who don’t have autumn also don’t have spring ….. Fall is stunning here in Virginia. Colorful, so much cooler, and it brings the apple harvest. We fill our autumn weeks with festivals, art shows, and the farmer’s markets keep going until December. By the way- I’m headed your way in a few weeks 😉 Best wishes, WG

  2. Your photographs and words show well the softer pastel-feel that comes
    and meets the eyes during this in-between season, when daily change is the norm.

    Very nicely expressed, WG! 🙂 Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree

  3. Love this photos, we really need them to keep up with the harsh months ahead. Have a great Sunday!

  4. Another great post – you have illustrated that subtle slide that happens at the end of summer. Love that green dragonfly!

    • Thank you, Eliza. I love that green dragonfly, too. That isn’t the best shot of him, but I liked the context. Hottest here today its been for a while. We’re hoping for some rain soon. Have you been eating tomatoes? 😉

      • We’ve had our first tomato and the cascade of ripening ones is upon us. I’ve had to harvest most of them before they are fully ripe because the slugs go after them >:-( The Beefsteaks are huge, about 4″ across. The vines are groaning! 😉 Our best year for a while. I used to grow tons and would can 50 qts. but that was many years ago. Our bodies don’t tolerate the acidity very well these days. 🙂

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