One Word Photo Challenge: Cream

August 26, 2014 garden 021


Sunlight through Caladium leaves


August 26, 2014 garden 044


Bumblebee, heavy with pollen, working  the Garlic chives


August 26, 2014 garden 036


Moonflower, fading in the mid-day sun.


August 26, 2014 garden 009


The caligraphy of a garden spider;

All aglow with the pearlescent beauty of cream.


August 24, 2014  beach 015


Cream glows in sun and shadow;


August 21, 2014 garden 013


Moonlight and midnight.


August 22, 2014 Parkway 056


Soft, serene and clean,

We love the lustre of cream.


August 26, 2014 garden 030


Words and photos by Woodland Gnome 2014

With appreciation to Jennifer Nichole Wells for her

One Word Photo Challenge:  Cream



August 26, 2014 garden 083

About woodlandgnome

Lifelong teacher and gardener.

17 responses to “One Word Photo Challenge: Cream

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  2. (it won’t let me reply on the chain anymore 😦 ) but they do look vastly different. I never would have thought…

  3. Lovely cream photos. I would be snapping pictures of that growing spider often as well. Do you know how big that kind is supposed to get?

    • Thank you, Jennifer. I’ve never seen one much bigger than this one is, now. It just keeps growing so fast! visibly bigger every few days. It has found a good spot to catch lots of food…. and we noticed the male is now gone…. I’m going to keep documenting it for as long as its around. I’m reminded of those spiders in the Harry Potter books…. Best wishes to you, Jennifer, WG

  4. You knew those caladiums would catch my eye, didn’t you? A cream-puff (sorry!) of a post, WG!

  5. We must have a spider in every post? 😉 What’s up with that?
    Our team’s gonna cream those basstudz! “In the white room…” Cream

    • Or on the White Album, right? Have you noticed that the spider is substantially bigger in every post? And her web moves daily. She’s my current fixation… with apologies to those creeped out by spiders 😉 Please appreciate the simple fact that I nixed the photo of barnacle covered driftwood in respect of certain arborial sensibilities…. Best wishes to you, Uncle Tree! E

  6. Very beautiful! 🙂 I think fall might come early for us, we are having temperatures in the mid eighty’s. How is your weather been?

    • Much cooler than that, Michael. We’ve had overnights in the 50s, daytime mid-80s and lower. A lovely stretch of days! Wind has shifted though, to the southwest, and the remainder of the week will be hot. I agree with you on the early fall, however. Are you home from HH? Hope you had a great time. WG

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