WPC: Summer Lovin’

Buddleia davidii, “Harlequin” coming into bloom near perennial Hibiscus


“Your work is to discover your work

and then with all your heart

to give yourself to it.”

A Buddha


For one who has accepted the work of a gardener, one of the greatest joys comes from the annual fruition of all of the year’s planning and work. 


July 24, 2014 hummingbird 010


Each carefully chosen and tended plant unfolds itself in beauty, and our love for the garden multiplies.


July 24, 2014 hummingbird 018

There are seasons to every love in our life. 


July 24, 2014 hummingbird 007

We touch each again and again as we spiral through all the experiences our lives bring. 


July 24, 2014 hummingbird 023

And summer remains the sweetest. 

Summer;  filled with color, vitality, growth, and accomplishment. 


July 24, 2014 hummingbird 025


It is always a summer of love when the gardener is at home in her garden.


July 24, 2014 hummingbird 031

Words and Photos by Woodland Gnome 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Summer Lovin’



July 24, 2014 hummingbird 027

About woodlandgnome

Lifelong teacher and gardener.

6 responses to “WPC: Summer Lovin’

  1. Your garden is beautiful ! I love all the variety you have but especially the elephant ears 🙂 We are under a tornado watch until 1:00 AM, the wind has picked up, sky is dark but no rain, sure hope the tornado passes us. Glad to hear you have gotten rain 🙂

    • Michael, I certainly hope it does, too. Too much drama this summer already. Please check your email for more info on that front. Thank you for the kind words on the garden. The elephant ears continue to amaze us 😉 Hope your weather calms and passes you by. Best wishes, WG

  2. Really nice, WG. Not sure how I would survive without my garden….it helps so to keep things in perspective….cycle of life, and all that. Woah, getting philosophical here!! Your poetic prose brings that out in me, I guess.

    • Thank you, Barbara. No more than a cool glass of wine would on such a beautiful summer evening 😉 Always good to get out and work in the garden- no matter what needs to be put back into a sane perspective 😉 Happy Saturday! WG

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