One Word Photo Challenge: Eggplant

One Word Photo Challenge:  Eggplant


Ornamental pepper

Ornamental pepper

So purple it”s almost black, “eggplant” is a favorite foliage  color to add a little drama in the garden.  I love the contrast and depth it creates.

Ajuga, "Black Scallop"

Ajuga, “Black Scallop”

Still, I’d rather eat my eggplant than gaze upon it.

Luckily, there is one already growing in a pot on the deck.  Its purple blossoms make it worthwhile, but I’m still counting on a few to fry later in the summer….



Photos by Woodland Gnome 2013-2014

With appreciation to Jennifer Nichole Wells for her 

One Word Photo Challenge: Eggplant


Petunia (July 2013)

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25 responses to “One Word Photo Challenge: Eggplant

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  2. I wrote an article once all about “black” plants and flowers in the garden. It is really deep purple as you say, but so many fun choices. Black tulips and Asiatic lilies come to mind. Combined with lime green and pink, delicious!

    • Eliza, I’d love to see your article should you have a copy to share. I grew the “black” tulips once upon a time, but haven’t tried the lilies. They are fun colors to work with, and work with so many partners. A few years back I found “eggplant” colored Panolas, and planted them with orange ones for a great October display. Was your article well received? Cheers! WG

  3. I never thought of eggplant adding visual depth to a garden. Never being a gardener myself, its amazing to thank of creating art with plants- which is just what you do.Thank you for sharing and inspiring 🙂

    • Thank you, Jennifer- I’m so glad you see it that way. My father paints, and I don’t have his talent. But I love working with the colors in plants, allowing them to grow into their beautiful fullness each season. If you have a tiny spot, you can begin with just one little pot and see how much joy it brings to your life.

      May all be well with you, WG

      • you are very talented 🙂 I have a couple plants at my apartment, but I have a bit of a brown thumb and thus don’t try to be too creative with them. I have considered having an herb garden or growing a tomato plant or something, but we shall see.

        • Herbs are the easiest, if you have good sun, Jennifer. I don’t believe in brown thumbs 😉 Taking care of a plant is in many ways like taking care of a pet- you just have to give them what they need and let them make you happy. So glad we got the spam issue fixed 😉 Hope you’re enjoying the day, WG

  4. What lovely photographs! For me that 2013 Petunia, opening out its delicate shades to the eyes of the beholder, is clearly the winner. What do you say?


  5. I have never grown the Ornamental pepper, it’s nice. Is it hard to grow?

    • Oh Michael, I just plop it into a pot and keep it watered. It gets fed when planted and when I think to mix up some Neptune’s harvest. They love full sun and heat. So easy, and such interesting plants to watch grow. Some have tiny little peppers which start out chartreuse and end up scarlet- like tiny little hot peppers which grow upwards instead of hanging down. They are fairly easy to find at nurseries around here into summer. Many people plant them later in the season for autumn pots.

  6. One of our cooler veggies, if ya ask me. 🙂 Ratatouille used to be a favorite in my meatless days.

  7. I visually enjoy the darker foliage as a contrast. My sister-in-law had a deep aubergine painted walls in her kitchen once upon a time. I loved it!!

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