Look Closely at the Clematis

April 28, 2014 azaleas 004

These are the first blooms from this Clematis vine…. Ever.

Planted last summer, it grew a bit, but didn’t bloom.  Purchased bare root, probably from a bin in a “big box store,” I planted it, watched the vine develop, but never saw any flowers.

It is Clematis, “Belle of Woking.”  These beautiful double flowers are produced on old growth.

Later in the season, I hope to see it bloom again on new growth.  The new growth blooms are said to be different from this initial flush.  Having never before grown this cultivar, I’m looking forward to watching how it behaves this season.

April 28, 2014 azaleas 005

One of the first woody stems in the garden to burst into leaf this spring, I was relieved to see it still alive.

So imagine our delight to finally see its lovely blooms!

April 28, 2014 azaleas 006

And, look who is keeping guard on the unopened bud, waiting to devour any little bug who might have designs on its lovely petals!


Photos by Woodland Gnome 2014

March 20 2014 spring 007



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8 responses to “Look Closely at the Clematis

  1. I love that clematis! so many petals~~I need that one~~~

    • I understand, “need.” Hope you can locate it, or one you like even better. I love the intense color and huge blooms of Clematis. Nothing else like it. Best wishes, and Thank you for visiting Forest Garden, WG

  2. This is a flower I would love to photograph!

  3. So very pretty…love the colors!

  4. Wow, WG, you are ahead of me with the clematis. Yours is an interesting variety. I bet it makes an awesome seed head. I’m thinking maybe yours is really liking being up against that white brick?

    • The white brick, in an area sheltered from the wind, creates a wonderful little micro-climate. Petunias over-wintered in this little area for two years- but didn’t make it through this past winter. We’re looking forward to watching this one throughout the season. You’re right on the seed head- hadn’t even given that any thought… The gardens are loving this gentle rain. I hope all the rough weather stays away from Virginia this afternoon. Best wishes, WG

  5. Oh, those are gorgeous blooms! What a lovely shade of lavender. It’s been such a joy to see your garden unfurl. Blessings, Sarah

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