What’s Popping Up?

April 9 2014 buds 103


What is that popping up from the ground? 

Have you wandered outside lately, looking down and around?


April 9 2014 buds 083


It might surprise you to see what new life  is unfolding,

Or to notice wildflowers boldly growing

Where there’s not yet been mowing.


April 9 2014 buds 043


Spring’s  a bit wild, a bit wooly;

Unexpected, untidy….


April 9 2014 buds 041

Winter’s neatness mussed up

With  random greening which hides it.

April 9 2014 buds 065


Like a child not yet trained to color within  the lines,

Springtime’s exuberance comes in spurts, and at odd times.


April 9 2014 buds 076

Random flowers pop out of the grass,

Unplanted, untended, almost magically fast.

April 9 2014 buds 031


So keep a sharp eye on the trees and the ground,

Don’t ever miss springtime pulling colors from brown.


April 9 2014 buds 023

This mystery unfolds once every year,

But to appreciate the beauty,

BE  fully here;

April 9 2014 buds 016


Watching and listening, sniffing and touching,


April 9 2014 buds 101

If you don’t look for beauty,

You might miss it, while rushing.

April 9 2014 buds 085

Words and Photos by Woodland Gnome 2014

April 9 2014 buds 094


National Poetry Writing Month

If You Would Know Love, Know April



Life Bursting


About woodlandgnome

Lifelong teacher and gardener.

6 responses to “What’s Popping Up?

  1. Love the waterside photos and ferns. I saw a few fern fronds today too! 🙂

    • Wonderful! I’ve been watching for them, and they just began to appear here this week. I’m glad yours are beginning to grow, too. Once the ferns decide its spring, we know we can believe it 😉 WG

  2. I was giddy with excitement this morning to see the first fern fronds (wow, alliteration!) unfurling. Yippee!

    • Yippee! My friend from Nottaway is wondering whether your garden club celebration is public or for your club only. She is very active in Garden Clubs of VA in W’burg, and always helps with our Christmas homes tour. Her family home is in Blackstone, and she is keenly interested in your 60 year celebration. WG

      • Oh, sorry, WG. Our celebration of the 60th anniversary isn’t public. We are having the party in my garden and home and having lots of memories and scrapbook sharing, that sort of thing. Oh, and mimosas. But I tell you what, if we have any kind of public garden tour in the future, I will let you know. Yes, Blackstone is just down the road from me! Thanks, Barbara

        • Thank you, Barbara, I suspected that was the case, but she asked me to inquire. What a wonderful time you and your friends will have. Please do let us know about the next public tour. Best wishes, WG

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