Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

March 9 parkway 009

Is it a fierce and angry beast, read to swallow us?

Have you heard the story of the six wise, but blind men?  They were a “committee” of sorts, tasked with describing the elephant which had wandered into their village. 

Is it a pile of dry and papery leaves, needing to be raked?

Is it a pile of dry and papery leaves, needing to be raked?

One felt the elephant’s leg and declared that an elephant is like a mighty pillar.  Another touched its side and declared that an elephant is like a wall. 

Is it a coat rack?

Is it a coat rack?

The blind man who touched the elephant’s ear said an elephant is like a large fan.  The one who touched the tail described the elephant as like a rope.

Tasty buds, reaching for the sky?

Long bony fingers, reaching for the sky?

Each one was right, but none had the entire picture, and so all were ultimately wrong.  It took a sighted man to intervene and settle their argument; one who could perceive the whole picture. 

March 9 parkway 007

Someone had to understand all of the different perspectives, and reconcile them into a meaningful whole.

March 9 parkway 006

That is the trick, you see, for each of us believes that we have the whole picture, much of the time.  

March 9 parkway 017

We see our tiny corner of the world; our personal bit of a relationship; or our own limited view of history.  And from our personal perspective we try to tell the entire story. 

We are often ready to argue with whomever disagrees with us, seeing things from their own perspective.   

Although we may have physical sight, unlike the men in the story; we must remain open to truth from another perspective.

March 9 parkway 019

We can choose to accept our own truth to be like a piece of the puzzle:  a unique perspective on the whole.  If we willingly listen to others as they share their own perspective, eventually our vision will expand.  We will gain a wider perspective, and come ever closer to understanding the truth of things.

Observe how each of these trees appears to be an individual, and yet all grow together, as a single organism, mingling roots as well as branches. 

So  are we interconnected  with others in our families and communities; in truth,  we are one with All.

March 5 2014 parkway birds 072

Photos by Woodland Gnome 2014

March 9 parkway 008

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4 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

  1. Your paper leaves looks like a bunch of little silvery fish surrounding the tree. Very nicely done, with a lot of forethought.

    As for me, this theme was a bit of a challenge, but you’re welcome to come and see my take on the matter. 🙂

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