Hellebore growing in my friends’ garden

What has been closed and tight is opening,



What has been cold is warming.

February 16 spring flowers 035

Galanthus nivalis

What has been still is moving at last.

February 16 spring flowers 010

Life stirs again in freshness and hope.

February 18 2014 parkway 046

Green grows to replace what is brown and brittle.

Garlic chives

Garlic chives

Hard turns soft,

Rose budding

Rose budding

Dark grows lighter



Days lengthen, and harsh wintery wind blows

February 24, 2014 daffodils 015

More gently now as spring’s warm breath.



Let our minds grasp this miracle of newness and growth

Hellebore in my friend's garden,

Hellebore in my friends’  garden

From the crusty remains of another season;

Hellebore in my friends' garden,

Hellebore in my friends’ garden

Let our hearts respond in love,

February 27, 2014 hellebores 008

opening to unexpected possibilities….

New plantings

New plantings

Words and Photos by Woodland Gnome, 2014

February 27, 2014 hellebores 002

About woodlandgnome

Lifelong teacher and gardener.

15 responses to “Opening

  1. This is such a beautiful post, WG, in words and images. It made me sigh with pleasure. Spring is surely not too far away.

    • Thank you, Robin, I hope you are right. I nearly froze my fingers off this afternoon trying to take a few “Robin” portraits 😉


      • It IS cold out there. I just came back from my walk. It will probably take a while to thaw out. Warmth is on its way tomorrow.

        • So they say…. I wondered if you’d try to walk today, especially so near to the water. We have been below freezing here much of the day, and so are grateful for every drop of sunshine which warms us a bit.

        • My portraits of our “robins” 😉

          • I walk every day, no matter what, WG. A few years back I made a year-long commitment to get outside for at least 30 minutes a day, every day, and subjected the blogging world to a post every day about it, too. I did it because we were living in the snowbelt of NE Ohio, and winter there demands that you either get outside and enjoy it somehow or go crazy with cabin fever. I’ve always loved snow and winter, but some days it was difficult to make myself step outside the door. Those below zero days were especially difficult, but worth it because I saw things I never would have seen if I’d waited for it to warm up. Anyhow, when my year was up I decided to make it a life-long commitment. So, out the door I go, no matter what, rain or shine or below freezing temps. I’m more reliable than our mail service. 😉

  2. Great post, love all the pictures. You guys are way ahead of us, looks like you will get spring maybe 2-3 weeks before we do! 🙂

  3. Beautiful commentary to match your heart-warming photography! 🙂 Inspired writing, yes!

    • Thank you, Keith! I nearly did end up on my nose getting the hellebore, pics. A huge lab came running in from the neighbor’s yard and nearly took us all down! Love your lotus poem today 😉
      Hugs, WG

      • LoL Take care now, and
        thanks for sharing me, WG! 🙂
        How’s 9 Faces coming?

        • Funny you should ask, Keith,
          I finished the book I was reading on the history of the Dalai Lamas, and turned back to 9 faces early this week. I started again from the beginning, and am enjoying it on many levels. We are back at the well on the journey home, and Mother is beginning her story to the assembled crowds…..
          Hope you enjoy this beautiful day, WG

          • Work was a real drag, W.G. 😦 I am so tired of working
            my factory job. March 28th marks my 37 anniversary.
            At 56, I’m not old enough to retire. Still…blah! Reading “9 Faces” puts more pressure on that thorn in my side, too.

            I was born and raised a Southern Baptist, so reading
            fiction…ah! I can’t help but take it literally – it’s ingrained,
            even though I’ve self-educated my brain, and expanded
            my horizons tremendously, it still comes back to that –
            I can’t think abstract. Algebra was a horror for me.

            I’m guessing you are more prepared to read this than I was, or am.
            I do wish it were all true, but I feel pretty naive, really.

            Thank God for friends! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

            • Yes, Thank Creator for giving us friends and companions along the way, Keith. You were raised a Southern Baptist, I a Southern Methodist. Not much difference there. Have you ever had a marvelous layer cake with like 8 layers of cake and 8 layers of frosting all stacked up together? One of our groceries makes this amazing cake of yellow layers and chocolate frosting. Every bit of it is cake, but you can eat your slice layer by layer, from bottom to top. Learning about Creator, and Truth, and Love and Spirit is somewhat like this, Keith. What we are taught at each level is true in its own way- but there is always another layer of understanding we can aspire to reach. Even Yeshua taught in stories which had a literal meaning for those of little understanding, and then many layers of additional meaning for those who had learned to understand the symbols and to appreciate the more advanced ideas. 9 Faces is like this. On one level it is a simply written story, but it is a multi-layered story, and a true one. ALL the foundation of the Hebrew writings came out of the Egyptian mystery religions. ALL of the “patriarchs” of the Jews were priests within the ancient Sumerian or Egyptian traditions- and these mystery religions also provided the key training for Yeshua and the others whose teachings are packaged as “Christianity” today. There is only one true “religion,” but people come to it by many different paths according to their culture, their inclination, and their needs. The whole topic has interested me since I was about 12, so I’ve been led to read and learn many things over the years. It may relieve you to know that Geometry is the basis for understanding the world of matter and of spirit, and my guess is that you love geometry, as much as I do. No algebra required 😉 “Self-education” is absolutely the best, because you seek out those things you want and need to know. I always look for a bibliography in whatever I’m reading to find clues to the next step along the way. Thank YOU, my friend, for leading me to 9 Faces. Many true things are woven into this story. If you want to pursue it more, look for books by Elaine Pagels, Timothy Freke, and Peter Gandy. Their writing is based on scrolls discovered in Egypt and Palestine, only recently being released to a more general audience. These are the original writings and texts of the Essenes and earliest Christians. I hope the weekend brings you happiness, rest, warmth, and time for writing and posting your wonderful poems. Hugs, WG

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