How Cold Is It?

November 30, 2013 wreath 007

Ice covered the patio table over night on Friday, gathering around this oak leaf.

Saturday morning dawned clear, bright and cold.   When I appeared from the bedroom it was clear that Ollie, our cat, wanted to follow his usual routine and venture out on the deck for a drink of water.  He likes the “wild water” that collects in his water bowl after a rain, and could see the bowl brimming full from his spot on the rug by the windows.

Ollie lapping at the rim of his frozen bowl of water.

Ollie lapping at the rim of his frozen bowl of water.

Ollie is old enough to remember a few winters, and though I tried to warn him that it was too cold for kitties, he was determined to take his morning walk on the deck.  November 30, 2013 wreath 003He gingerly walked around the frozen mat and went in search of his water bowl.  His solidly frozen water bowl…. But he was not deterred.  Gingerly licking the ice around the rim he had his morning drink of “wild water”, and then leapt up to the railing to sit in the sun.

Despite several night time lows in the 20s, and cold windy days, Ollie still longs to keep to his routine.   He wants to go out to the deck each morning and out into the garden at dusk.  Acutely aware of the hawks and eagles, he avoids open areas in daylight, preferring to observe the world from the relative safety of the deck, most often from under the table.  November 30, 2013 wreath 011

But lately the nights have been too cold for long walks around the garden, and the mornings have been frosty affairs.  Yet he perseveres, believing that a warmer day will come.  And until that day, most of his time is spent curled up on a thick rug inside, watching through the windows as birds visit the patio, or napping.

Oh to be a cat, some days, watching winter from inside where it is always cozy and warm.

Birds of prey are a constant presence around our garden.

Birds of prey are a constant presence around our garden.

What luxury to curl up on the soft carpet and wonder,  “How cold is it?”  venturing out only when the day is bright and one’s curiosity overtakes one’s natural sense of caution.

Cats seem to go on the principle that it never does any harm to ask for what you want.
Joseph Wood Krutch

November 30, 2013 wreath 013

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