Garden Snippings

After a thunderstorm and heavy rain last night, I went looking early this morning for blossoms to snip for an arrangement for a friend.

July 22 roses and basil 001

This small arrangement is made from three different varieties of Basil, Pineapple Mint, Lime Queen Zinnias, and a few rose blossoms the deer overlooked in their latest munching.  Since Basil is blooming at this point in the season, it can be enjoyed for its beautiful flowers and its bright leaves.

July 22 roses and basil 004

Dark Opal Basil to the left, African Blue Basil to the right and Purple Ruffles in the center

I nearly always use herbs as the foliage in flower arrangements because they smell so nice.  They are the gift which keeps on giving, because most will root when the water is kept fresh. 

July 22 roses and basil 010

This is Dark Opal Basil, Queen Lime Zinnia, and Pineapple Mint.

In a few weeks when their roots have grown, they can be planted out and enjoyed over the next several months until frost.  The Pineapple Mint will die back for the winter, but return next spring.

July 22 roses and basil 005

This arrangement is constructed to be enjoyed from all angles.  A different leaf or flower can be enjoyed depending on how it is viewed.

July 22 roses and basil 009

Find more information about growing Basil here.

July 22 roses and basil 006

African Blue Basil seen here is the most vigorous grower of the three. It will form a small bush planted out in the garden in full sun. Mine is covered in flowers. It isn’t my favorite for pesto.  It is much nicer in a vase with other flowers.

July 22 roses and basil 003A word of caution to anyone new to clipping your own blossoms for an arrangement:  Carry a jar of warm water into the garden with you.  As soon as a stem is cut, remove the lower leaves and immediately plunge the stem into water.  Water is the lifeblood of your plants, and it is important to keep the cut end in water so it doesn’t dry out, and so air bubbles don’t get into the stem’s circulation.  Roses are especially sensitive, and appreciate a re-cutting of the stem in a shallow bowl of water before the final arrangement is made. 

I hope you also enjoyed this bit of beauty snipped from my forest garden.

July 13 flowers 002

This similiar arrangement was made with a different rose and the addition of Lantana. The Basil here is African Blue.

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